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Bill Parravano


1214 Barret Avenue
Louisville, KY 40204
United States
T: 502.638-2567

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ORTHO-BIONOMY is an educational system;gentle and non-forceful. It is a homeopathic, biofeedback technique that looks at the patterns that exist within the whole person. An ORTHO-BIONOMIST is a facilitator, an educator who helps bring the attention of a person to those patterns within themselves which, through the person’s own recognition, brings motive for change.

Profile and Credentials        

Bill Parravano is a Certified Russian Martial Art Instructor and an Advanced Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Over the past six years he has studied with a wide spectrum of experienced instructors while traveling throughout Europe and the United States. Bill has been certified as a Practitioner by both the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the European Ortho-Bionomy Association in France. His introduction to Ortho-Bionomy occurred during his own healing process after reconstructive knee surgery. The principles of Ortho-Bionomy were a natural progression to those he had come to understand and embody in his years of studying Judo. Bill’s unique understanding of the human dynamic from a Martial Arts perspective allows him to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to this craft. He is dedicated to increasing the awareness and benefits of Ortho-Bionomy in the international public. He is also dedicated to the continual path of facilitating self-awareness in others as well as in his personal life. He values humor and sincerity as indispensable teachers. He is available for demonstrations and presentations to groups as well as private sessions for individuals.

Philosophy and Comments        

"We must throw down everything we know about the past. Everything that has ever meant anything or made sense to us about relationships, health, medicine, government, religion, etc. and pick up only what works. There in lies true freedom. That is the only way you can truly be free." (Nov '05 - Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

"Until you are close enough to see yourself in another person's eyes, you are not truly communicating with them." (Nov '05 - Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

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