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Steven Kimball



PO Box 1231
Bear, DE 19701
United States
T: 3028389663
F: 3028389664


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The Black Fox


I'm an very creative artist who's imagination knows no bounds. . . and yet I can deliver the desired artwork on time, under budget, and with the graphic tweeks of the most "anal" of my professional peers. I deliver the best work possible and can call upon miracles to meet your schedule. With over 20 years experience, don't trust anyone else.

Profile and Credentials        

BFA - Maryland Institute College of Art (Publication Design) AA- Carroll Community College (Graphic Design) Graduate: Military A&C Schools - DINFOS (Photojournalism, Journalism, Broadcasting, SITE, Public Affairs)

Philosophy and Comments        

I'm not the "flaky" artist that some others can be. I don't mind reworking a piece until the customer is satisfied. As an Art Director, I've known too many "prima donnas" who think their art is perfect. . . I'd rather think that only the customer knows what he/she likes and as a PAID artist, what you want should be what you get.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I work when you need me. I charge only $25 per hour for any type of artwork from website design to publication to multimedia editing. I'm faire in pricing and expect to be treated fair in payment.





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