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Nurah Washington



10 Chestnut St
Liberty, NY 12754
United States
T: 845-292-3626
F: 845-292-0161


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Sweet Sunnah Black Seed Herbals,Inc.


Black Seed herb is renowned the world over for its therapeutic value. Sweet Sunnahcommitted to improve the quality of life by harnessing the healing power of Black Seed herb through truly unique herbal formulations. Visit our online herbal store at www.sweetsunnah.com and you will be amazed at our wonderful organic soaps, shampoos, neutraceuticals and the wealth of information about this fantastic herb. Our range of organic wellness products addresses most of your health care needs that make your body strong and beautiful from within.

Profile and Credentials        

Biologist,N.D.,Master Herbalist,Manufacturer,Herbal Formulator,

Philosophy and Comments        

Our commitment to quality is rivaled only by our commitment to customer service. After all, we have strived hard to establish our reputation. It is this dedication that has earned us the trust of thousands of satisfied customers across the world.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Order online 24/7
Customer Service available M-F 9am/5pm
Toll Free 1-866-786-6244 845-292-3626





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