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Blais Bellenoit



Asheville, NC 28801
United States
T: 828-552-0370






I've set up this web sight in an attempt to make myself and my artwork more availible to the public. For along time I sold prints of my work all over the country, each one personally by hand. The web offers a much more convenient and extensive communication base for me to reach people. The websight consists of images I've created throughout the past ten years. I have also included some music that I wrote recently. I also play the guitar and write.

Profile and Credentials        

Philosophy and Comments        

I expressed my philosophy best in my statement of purpose. I feel that the creative people of the world; those who paint, write, play music, dance, and create in all different forms help to shine light, help to inspire, and bring positive vibes to a world that is in great need of it. I hope that whatever I may bring with my work may effect, change, or inspire at least one other individual and help to procriate and further the creative force and spirit we are all a part of.

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Contact blais@blaisvision.com to talk about custom work.





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