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Michael Frederiksen, CCMH



90 Old Stone Lane
Youngsville, NC 27596
United States
T: (866) 583-6262 EST
F: (866) 583-6262


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Blue Ridge Mountain Herbal Co.


Straight-forward alternatives at very affordable prices. Our wellness center offers the comfort and warmth of home while combining years of practical knowledge, experience and training received from one of the world's oldest established herbal colleges supported by state-of-the-art herbal databases. By using proprietary formulas based on current studies, research and practical experience we provide you with the best that can be offered.

Profile and Credentials        

Charter Certified Master Herbalist Graduate of Dominion Herbal College, Canada and the Global Institute For Alternative Medicine

Philosophy and Comments        

Our philosophy is simple: Provide people with the "building blocks" their bodies need to heal themselves without the chemicals and toxins found in most "modern" medicines. We maintain high quality and promise low cost. Contact us for more information about our prices and we're sure you'll find that they are unbeatable. All of our supplements are made specifically for you to suit your individual needs; not in large batches containing constituents that are unnecessary for your purposes. Also, we will soon be going online; our website can be found at: www.blueridgeherbal.com We are currently planning a launch date of Oct. 30th, 2003. Keep checking here for more information or e-mail us at: michael@blueridgeherbal.com

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

9am - 5pm EST Initial Consultation - $25.00; thereafter, $15.00 In Your Home Consultation $45.00 Preparations Range from $15.00-$25.00 depending on type and constituents. Average cost is approx. $18.50 Available for Classes, Lectures and Presentations





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