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Brent Atwater



PO Box 475
Southern Pines, NC 28388 USA
United States
T: 1.910.692.5206 USA
F: 1.910.692.5103


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B. Brent Atwater: Medical Intuitive, Healer, Paintings That Heal™


Brent Atwater: Healer, Medical Intuitive, Creator of Paintings That Heal™ and author of Just Plain Love™ Children's Healing Books
http://www.BrentAtwater.com or http://ww.PaintingsthatHeal.com
EMAIL: Brent@BrentAtwater.com
HOME OFFICE PHONE: 1.910.692.5206 USA
NC FAX: 1.910.692.5103 USA
Brent Atwater's healing and energy work has been studied by and documented at Duke Center for Integrated Medicine, NC State University's School of Veterinary Medicine, & the ARE Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment). In our Atlanta location we can scientifically document the responses of your brain waves (EEG), heart (EKG) et al, to my Energy work
and provide you a computer disk of your response results
Known as the "Healer's healer" & as a renowned medical intuitive, Brent participates in medical research. Brent's energy physically repairs, REGENERATES & RESTORES cellular tissue, organs, bone & nerves, it removes pain, repairs & physically recalibrates electromagnetic neurological, neuromuscular disorders, raises oxygen levels & stops bleeding. Brent's client base is usually the "incurable" or those who have not received satisfactory results from traditional or alternative medicine. The Energy provides hope for clients who have exhausted all avenues of modern medicine. The majority of people, depending on the gravity of their illness, respond favorably. Some, however, do not, and a severely degenerated system might not be able to respond to the energy.
I have been nicknamed "the Healer's healer" because the Energy also activates, restores, and empowers other "healers" to a higher level of their own abilities and gifts. I'm honored to be the energizer bunny for phenomenal Lightworkers. The Energy recharges their systems and is a great backup regenerator power source for many on the go Lightworkers, so they can keep on keeping on, doing their job to the max!
My "Paintings That Heal" also facilitate an individual's healing process. These paintings are infused with Healing energy to reinforce and repeat the effect of the healing energy on a deeper and deeper level into your cellular memory after our initial healing session. Created for your individualized healing needs specific to your disorder.

Profile and Credentials        

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: After 5 minutes a paraplegic/crippled client could wiggle their once paralyzed feet, clap their knees together, and kick their legs up into the air approximately 18" with their previously paralyzed legs. Within 5 days of Brent's energy treatment the crippled man could walk with a walker. Within 5 minutes The Energy also restored the feeling in his arm which had previously been numb for 2 years.
SPINAL CORD DISCS & NERVES: Brent's energy rebuilt a paralyzed 15.5 year old dog's spinal cord discs, vertebrae, and nerves so that he walked again in 90 days. The energy restored his oxygen levels back to normal so he could breathe without a ventilator. see Published works for the full story.
EPILEPTIC SEIZURES: Brain Damage,Cerebral Palsy: Brent's energy has stopped & stabilized status epilepticus.
CANCER: BREAST S/4: Energy raised T cell levels from 2 to 6 within 5 days, client in remission, restored digestion after chemop, lowered pain so no morphine drip
LYMPHOMA: Brent's identified tumors that were going to manifested in the client's body 2 weeks BEFORE the tumors appeared on the client's traditional MRI, PET, CAT,& Ultrasound.
LUNG CANCER: Brent's client. diagnosed with 6 weeks to live, lived 16 years after the initial partial lung removal.
LIVER & PANCREAS CANCER: Brent's energy stopped the pain of end stage Cancer so the client didn't need a morphine drip or heavy drugs.
PARKINSON'S: When Brent places her hands over a Parkinson's client their tremors stop.After the first session a client had bowel & hand function restored after 17 years of disability.
EMPHYSEMA & COPD: Brent's energy raises and stabilizes the oxygen blood gas exchange and raises oxygen levels. (ABG)(POA)

Philosophy and Comments        

My Purpose is to help integrate traditional medical treatment and procedures with integrated alternative therapy so that the client benefits from all there is on earth available to restore his health. I want to help medical science document and understand how healing energy directed on a physical body, restores that body to health, and how the accuracy of medical intuition helps define and diagnose physical problems. I also want to physically restore health to those that come to me, and especially to restore health to those that are given a small probability to live through their disease. I want to be able to physically heal them so that they recover to full and complete health, and can be an inspiration of hope to others.
I want to thank every soul who has and will assist me, and be a part of my journey. I am forever grateful for your participation. God bless you beyond always!"
"With you this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible"! Matthew 19:26
I believe in a Higher Power that I personally call God. I use this quote as my way of trying to inspire my clients - to KNOW, that with, and through, a Higher Power; All things ARE possible! SO, DON'T GIVE UP OR QUIT!!!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Office Hours: 10 am EST to 6 pm EST, Monday - Friday (exceptions,emergencies)
Fee Schedule: See website www.BrentAtwater.com
Schedule: See website www.BrentAtwater.com

Offices in North Carolina, Atlanta, and coming to New York

Paintings That Heal™ Literally!! Scientifically and Alternatively Documented        

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Paintings That Heal™ Literally!! Scientifically and Alternatively Documented Physical & Energetic Healing ArtPaintings That Heal™ are original paintings created through and by Brent Atwater, a medical intuitive and healer, that activate physical and energetic healing for those with health issues and disorders. Brent is a pioneer in having the healing benefits of Paintings That Heal™ scientifically and alternatively documented. Being in the presence of the Healing Energies of a Painting That Heals™ is what alters and heals both the viewer's physical, emotional, mental and energetic body. The ART of healing is being taken to a new level.Atlanta, GA; Paintings That Heal™ are original paintings created through and by Brent Atwater a medical intuitive and Healer, that activate physical and energetic healing for those with health issues and disorders. Brent is a pioneer in having the Healing Energies and healing benefits of Paintings That Heal™ scientifically and alternatively documented. Each Painting is infused with Healing Energies that Brent channels and directs into the canvas. Then, she is instructed to add color, texture, and image energies whose vibrations intensify and amplify the Healing Energies she channeled. The combination of essential Healing Energies mixed with the vibrations of the colors, images and textures in the finished Painting, activates the brain to trigger chemicals, and the body's cellular system to trigger internal frequencies that help facilitate the body to repair itself. Being in the presence of the combined energies of a Painting That Heals™ is what alters and heals both the viewer's physical, emotional, mental and energetic body, and raises the energies of their environment. The ART of healing is being taken to a new level. http://www.PaintingsthatHeal.com Initial double blind studies using Biofeedback document that in as little time as 5 seconds of exposure to a Painting's Healing Energies, positive changes occur in the individual's physical energy fields. State of the art Gas Discharge Visualization Cameras, and the HeartMath system (used by many Fortune 500 companies and by various departments of the federal government), record positive changes occur in a subject’s heart waves (HRV), respiration rates, body temperature and brain waves (EEG) and other vital signs. Changes also occur in their subtle energy fields. Video testimonials were recorded to accompany the documentation.As a diagnostic tool, findings continually affirm that people respond to a specific Painting which represents a disorder or issue that was either in their past, or is presently or potentially in their physical body or energy field or in the energy filed of someone very close to them. Some people who had multiple diseases or disorders are affected by several of the Paintings. Are Paintings That Heal™ the same as art therapy? No, just being in the presence of the combination of energies in a Painting is what actually alters and heals the viewer's physical and energetic body. In contrast, the healing response in art therapy is generated by the patient making a piece of artwork. Art therapy work is not infused with channeled Healing Energies. According to the American Art Therapy Association, art therapy is based on the belief that the creative process involved in the making of art is healing and life enhancing. Although our research has yet to be conducted in a clinically controlled environment, scientific and alternative methods used to document and verify results with these Paintings are:1. Traditional Biofeedback.2. Vocal Emission Analysis, a computer program reflecting subtle energy imbalances in the body. 3. GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Camera was developed by Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov, Ph.D. of Russia's St. Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics. It is the first device in the world which measures the distribution of energy around a human body. There are approximately 400 cameras in use worldwide and most are used to do research work. The GDV Camera utilizes state-of-the-art optical technology to photograph an individual's energy fields through image sensors that read energy levels from an individual's fingertips. 4. The HeartMath System's Freeze-Framer is an interactive computer-based heart rate variability monitor and real-time pulse wave recording that gives a scientific measure of your physiological readings.In preliminary research, the viewer's physical symptoms and energetic conditions were recorded in health questionnaires and documented in pre exposure GVD images, HeartMath and VEA printouts. After exposure to the Paintings, the post GVD images of energy patterns, and the HearthMath, Biofeedback and VEA printouts substantiated that each viewer's electromagnetic body and their symptomatic physical fields had been positively affected by exposure to the Paintings. Selected images can be seen at http://www.paintingsthatheal.com under the Testimonials section. Why do these work? Each light ray consists of colors that have different wavelengths and vibrational frequencies that affect your mind, cells, and body chemicals differently. By receiving color, texture and image information through our eyes, their frequencies communicate to our brain to direct the various bodily functions to respond accordingly. Not only are you what you think, your visual input matters too! Color, texture and pattern energies and vibrational input are constantly working on your cellular and subtle energy bodies at an unconscious level. The principle of dress for success, painting your environment (home and workplace) and decorating an environment to promote well being, all lend credibility to the fact that subliminal visual input effects and affects all of your health systems. Then add channeled and directed Healing Energies into each canvas that Brent uses to facilitate healing in her clients, and you get a Painting that Heals™. The combination of essential Healing Energies, mixed with the vibrational frequencies of the artwork, all activate physical healing responses in the body. Brent first discovered the powerful phenomenon of Paintings That Heal™ in 2004 while creating a commissioned work, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), for the cover of the University of North Carolina Center for Functional GI & Motility Disorder's annual report. Her client asked her to create a painting of the disorder. When finished, Brent was inspired to channel and direct the Healing Energies for IBS into another layer of the painting which she painted on top of the original image. Amazingly, a year later, the Painting still retains the same powerful Healing Energies, and continues to be a source of healing on a deep cellular memory level for those battling this disorder. What are the benefits of Paintings That Heal™? They are a Healing Energies "generator" addressing specific needs, and physically non invasive. They assist and amplify other healing treatments, procedures and prescriptions, and they facilitate ongoing and continuous positive energies and Healing benefits in the environment. These are particularly supportive for children, the elderly, and those in critical, chronic, degenerative, or delicate health situations. To maximize the healing assets of a Painting, it should be placed where one will receive optimum ongoing exposure to the Healing Energies on a daily basis. Once the Painting's energies become part of an environment, an individual continually benefits from it energetically by means of harmonic resonance. A person's own energy field will regulate the appropriate amounts of energy that they receive on an ongoing basis. You can not be overexposed. When asked about what an individual can expect when they are exposed to a Painting, Brent responded, “At present, there are no specific guarantees regarding a measured timeframe, and the healing properties of Paintings That Heal™. Research results vary with individual situations. We are able to document definite positive changes in an individual's bio energetic fields, and with that given result, we hope, to generate more interest in expanding our long term research program for Paintings That Heal™."What does the future hold for these Paintings? "We believe that Paintings That Heal™ will have multiple applications, from therapeutic uses such as screen savers (a client on meds for anxiety attacks, used his Painting as his computer's screen saver, and was able to reduce and later remove his meds) to medical and healthcare healing decor and public murals. We envision "get well" cards that actually create health, and children's picture healing books. Brent's Just Plain Love™ Children's Healing Books ( http://www.brentatwater.com) contain illustrations infused with the same Healing Energies that are in the Paintings. Imagine prints and posters in nursing homes that create a positive atmosphere, or artwork that soothes in hotels, and waiting rooms, or a deck of cards that facilitates a healthier physical body for the user. The Paintings' uses are almost endless. Wherever there is artwork or a design, or a surface to be painted, the potential for healing is available.We welcome opportunities to work with licensors, interior designers and decorators, galleries, medical professionals, healthcare practitioners and facilities, public environments, and researchers in order to further explore and document the potential of this modality. We plan to place the Paintings to various public, private and institutional healthcare organizations and other areas to expose them to a more expansive audience, and to gather new research data and personal testimonials. We're anxious to expand our research into broader test samples by using more types of monitoring equipment and controlled environments. It is our intent to participate in more research work with various organizations dedicated to discovering and creating new modalities to treat various diseases, disorders and dysfunctions so that the Paintings will be a pioneer in evidenced based art that becomes an integrative bridge between alternative and traditional allopathic therapy to benefit humanity and healthcare. Brent Atwater the creator, is a documented medical intuitive, healer and renowned artist, whose artwork was the subject of PBS national program. At age 16 she was chosen to be in the NC Governor's School for the Gifted in Art pioneer program, and one of her paintings was chosen for the NC Museum of Art's permanent collection. To date, there are only a handful of distance healers around the world that have demonstrated the ability to channel, capture, and infuse effective Healing Energy into a canvas. Brent was first identified as a Medical Intuitive by Larry Burke, MD at the Duke Integrated Center for Medicine. Dr. Burke is a founding member of the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition with Carolyn Myss and Norm Shealy. She has also been tested by the Edgar Cayce Institute of Association of Research and Enlightenment and determined to be “a Healer” by the criteria set forth by the Institute. Her global Medical Intuitive and Healing Energy work has been studied and/or documented by Duke Center for Integrated Medicine, the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment, The Dallas Center in Atlanta, GA, and NC State University's School of Veterinary Medicine. She works with both traditional and alternative healthcare professionals throughout the world in Integrative Medicine or CAMA (Complementary Alternative Medicine) practices that combine Healing Energy work with traditional medicine. She participates in ongoing medical research. Through the 80’s and 90’s B Brent Atwater was a highly collected, exhibited, licensed, televised, and widely sold American photo-realistic, and impressionistic artist. She has been featured on "PM Magazine" in a national segment, on "Crook and Chase" & others, and in many major national magazines ("W" "Town & Country", "Robb Report", et al) and newspapers. Brent has been a guest on numerous renowned national and international radio and TV talk shows. Her licensed artwork has and can be seen in major retail stores and catalogues. She earned an Art degree from Hollins University, Roanoke, VA, and certification in teaching art. Brent attended Wake Forest University Law School and is a nondenominational ordained minister. CONTACT INFORMATION: Brent AtwaterCollections, Inc. dba Paintings That Heal™Atlanta, GA 1.404.242.9022 USANC Office: 1.910.692.5206 USAemail: Brent@BrentAtwater.com http://www.brentatwater.com or http://www.paintingsthat heal.comDisclaimer: There are no guarantees about the healing properties of this artwork. Results will vary with individual situations. We can only state that positive results have been documented for individual clients and research in this area continues.

Just Plain Love™ Children's Healing Books        

Meet Barney, mascot for the "Just Plain Love" Charitable Trust, to benefit children and other worthwhile causes. Brent who was unable to have children, founded this Trust to do her part "driving carpool" and giving back. Barney was found by Mary Hines lying in the road beside his canine friend Benji, who had been struck by a car and killed. Faithful and loyal Barney, refused to leave his friend, until Benji was buried. Since then, Barney has never left Mary's side. To Brent, Barney exemplifies , just plain love!!! The Honorable Governor of NC, Terry Sanford with Barney Cancer Kids God's Special Children "I HATE my bald head!" "Oh no", she said," that's how God watches over you." "But everyone here has a bald head." "Not everyone has YOUR ears! God looks for the top of your ears, without your hair He knows EXACTLY who and where YOU are! " the Heavenly Express a series of bereavement books for children excerpts below Soft cover & E books July 2005 Hardcover books available late Summer 2005 email: Please notify me when the books are available Excerpts from the Heavenly Express for Daddy "By the time we got home from Daddy's funeral, I knew he was already in Heaven because he didn't have any traffic to deal with. At home, there was food and visitors everywhere. I was very sad. Everyone was crying and doing THAT kind of smile, and hugging. I don't like THAT kind of hugging! That night when everyone had FINALLY gone, and before I said my "now I lay me down to sleep" with Mommy, there were a few more things that I NEEDED to know!"Hopefully, my Heavenly Express series will help soothe many a broken heart. I believe each book will give a child grief support through something that they can identify with, understand, and that gives their heart comfort and hope.The Heavenly Express series deals with the loss of a parent or a best friend. It creates answers for a child's questions surrounding the physical issues of death, the body, the funeral, and afterwards. It helps children to understand death and to ask questions about it, and enables discussion of these various aspects between parent and child. The explanation of belief in life beyond death is simple and effective, and written from a Christian and spiritual viewpoint. Reviews:"An excellent presentation by the author on how our earthy experience of death becomes a Godly experience." "Your books are a breath of fresh air (and a warm reassurance) around "hands-off" subjects. These books are for readers of every age." Janet Brodie, RN, MN, CNM, HNC ********************This area of our life is not found in many books or for that matter available in a book store. Thus, it is important that the author, Brent Atwater, has taken pen to paper and created a book for our young audience that brings the subject of DEATH into realistic terms. You are invited to join Staci in her home environment and join in with her as she lives through the impending death of her father. Daddy is dying........not the words that any child wants to hear and is usually spared from hearing those words. So the child is left to think about anything good or bad. In THE HEAVENLY EXPRESS for DADDY Staci listens to the people around her, and she is told in her language what is happening to Dad. Staci makes memories with her Dad while he is alive, and then embraces the memories of her Dad; physically, emotionally and in God's terms. So when Dad's funeral takes place Staci is there and is ready to accept that God has taken Dad to Heaven..............to live with God. At first he is visiting God and finally takes up his residency with God.This book allows our young people to sit down and read a short story or have a story read to them ...... without the fear of confusion, misunderstanding and fear itself. An excellent presentation by the author on how our earthlyexperience of death becomes a Godly experience. The young reader or the adult reading to a child will have a better understanding of how a family member or a friend gets to Heaven and how that person is accepted into Heaven. In the hearts and minds of a youthful reader, death is an acceptable journey to take in life without the fear that so often happens when our they do not understand DEATH.Wilson H. HulleyChevy Chase, MDSpecial Assistant to the President and Advisor President's Committee on the Employment of People with DisabilitiesMember, Board of DirectorsReflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome AssociationMember, Customer Advisory Board on DisabilitiesNorthwest Airlines



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