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Brian McGee



58 Panola St #2
Asheville, NC 28801
United States


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Brian McGee Band


The Brian McGee Band plays traditional and contemporary roots music influenced by, the tunes and stories that have come out of the soil of North Carolina, and by the urban beat of rock and roll. Brian McGee writes songs that have been dusted by the weird old american songbag. With the help of David Hughes(slide guitar & banjo), Darin Gentry(fiddle) and Mary Dellea(bass) the band has taken Brian's originals to a place somewhat familiar, but new and up to date. The band also plays fiddle tunes of NC & WV, piedmont blues, gospel, ballads, and waltzes.

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"Back, way back, before America was America, there were songs. Songs about drinking and death and regret and fear and anger and love. These songs have been all around the world. Each new generation in each new place tinkers with them a bit, changing up the words and the melodies, making them louder or softer or faster or slower.

Brian McGee has quite a pair of lungs and quite a pair of hands. He hasn't died yet, but he's done and felt all those other things in spades. And until he does die, those songs are his. They are in his lungs and in his hands."-Joel Tannenbaum 2006

"...dishes out a sound that feels gritty and nostalgic, yet fresh relevant and real."-Laura Blackley, Take 5, 3/31/06

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