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Buckyball Music


Buckyball Records is an up and coming progressive jazz label. The label is in existence for seven years and has an impressive roster of talents whose work is strongly rooted in jazz, progressive rock, and fusion, providing a challenging ear cookie for the discriminating musical palette.

Buckyball Music also offers production and recording facilities.

We also offer private lessons in:
voice (classical, popular & jazz)
percussion (drumset, congas,)
group percussion classes (all ages and levels)
MIDI sequencing (Performer, Pro Tool, Logic Audio, Sonar).

Profile and Credentials        

Buckyball Music has released 21 album on compact disks and digitaly, by the following artists: Marc Wagnon, Percy Jones, Sarah Pillow, Morris Pert, Nicholas D'Amato, Tunnels, Brand X, Galileo's Daughters.

Other recording credits are: Mike Clark, Los Ciegos del Bario, Yo Kano

Marc Wagnon as taught for over 25 years privately and has been on staff at the The Filomen M. D'Agostino Greenberg Music School, where he teaches Percussions, Midi sequencing and lead a Jazz Workshop. Marc also is a specialist with the "VoiceOver" screen reader program on the Mac.

Sarah Pillow has her own vocal studio, where she teaches healthy vocal technique, to singer of all styles, she also conducts a volunteer choir, and as a singer she performs around the world.

Philosophy and Comments        

Buckyball Music, is a music service company designed to bring musicians together on a variety of levels in performing, recording, teaching, exchanging ideas and sound creation.
Buckyball Music is interested in exploring the links between music and science in following the influence of Buckminster Fuller from whom it takes its name, and applying the concept of synergy to the music community it represents.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Recording, audio editing, production:

Buckyball Music Studio is located conveniently in Mid-town Manhattan, it is a compact fully equipped digital studio, with a small live room, the rate is $50 an hour.
On location recording is a minimum of $200


We also offer video editing and DVD authoring (call us for a quote)


One hour private lessons $75
Voice lesson also can be 1/2 hour for $40

What is a Buckyball        

A buckyball is the nickname for a recently discovered carbon molecule; in fact it is the third form of carbon and also the purest next to coal and diamonds. Its full name is a Buckminster Fullerene named for the late philosopher, inventor and engineer Buckminster Fuller. The molecular structure of buckyballs is similar to the stucture of of geodesic domes which were designed by Buckminster Fuller.

Why are you using this name?        

In association with the concept of the geodesic dome is the concept of synergy, which can be defined simply as: the whole is greater than the total of its individual parts. This principle is the inspiration behind Buckyball Music: to unite working artists as well as give insight into the relationship between science and music and their social reverberations.



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