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Cam Williams



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Alternative Health Care Network


The Alternative Health Care Network is a comprehensive directory focused site, containing over 6,600 listing currently of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine sites and providers. The Network has hundreds of Articles, Health tips, Great Healthy Recipes, and a Forum to answer your health concerns from a whole health viewpoint. Your welcome to apply for download of 60 chapters that is customized and branded with your sites name. We also provide free linking and rss feeds for your like minded http://www.alternativehealthcarenetwork.com/rss/news.xml Articles: --http://www.alternativehealthcarenetwork.com/rss/articles.xml Content: --http://www.alternativehealthcarenetwork.com/rss/content.xml

Profile and Credentials        

Cam Williams, is the Author of 5 books, Topic of Course Alternative Health Care! "The National Guide to Alternative Health Care" Gibbs Smith Publishing "The Utah Guide to Alternative Healthcare" 4 editions "Testimonial, No matter what sort of problem you're experiencing right now you will find the solution to it in "The National Guide to Alternative Healthcare".

Philosophy and Comments        

Alternative Health Care Network is building business with old fashion integrity. Cam Williams is the hunter-gatherer of this new thought project. Her goal to let go and let the heavens do the planning. Opening her website to like-minded people to develop the site with their brilliance in all areas, such as alternative health information, recipes, hosting forums, book publishing, health tips, new therapies and links.

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Internet driven Company~ We can and do respond to your health concerns and questions 24/7, Site exploration is free

Alternative Health Care Network        

Alternative Health Care Network        

Alternative Health Care Network        

Alternative Health Care Network        

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