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Carmit Giladi-Pollard



Kibbutz Merchavia, 19100
T: 972-46598925
F: 972-46598834




Carmit Giladi-Pollard


Carmit is an artist and teacher. Her specialty and pleasure is in the illustration of childrens The illustration here is from the book; "Good Bear Night", printed and published in Israel. books.

Profile and Credentials        

Designer and Illustrator Born in 1956, married + 3 daugters. A member of Kibbutz Merhavia, Israel. A graduate of the Neri Bloomfield Design College, Haifa, Israel Dept. of Graphic Design (1984). Points in her career: * Illustrated 12 children books. * 1987 - Recived the "Gutman Award for Children Books' Illustration" for her book "Parpar"(butterfly) - Tel Aviv Municipality, the Gutman Foundation. * Since 1989 has taught Illustrative-Designing and Academic Sketching in "Goren"- The Jezreel Valley College, and "Amakim" High-School. * 1990 - "The Peace Frontier" - a group exhibition of Israeli and Palestinians artists in Givat Haviva Art Center. * 1993 - "Parparim" - a group exhibition of Israel Illustrators at Ra'anana. * 1994 - has been accepted as a member of the Israel Assocciation of Illustrators * 1995 - 3 different group exhibitions on diffetent subjects. * 1996 - Made a "New Year" card for UNICEF . Hobby - painting on wood-works: Mirrors, Trays ect. for sale in art shopes.

Philosophy and Comments        

"Early childhood is probably the most influential period of life...within my illustrations I try to create a warm,colourful, and happy atmosphere, in which children can discover more than the writen word"....Carmit

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Next exhibition, spring 2005, Rananan, near Tel-Aviv,"Illustration's to the classic cinema"as part of the Israeli Illustrators Organisation group annual exhibition.





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