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Alphee & Carol Lavoie



115 Caya Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06110
United States
T: 860 232 6521
F: 233 6117


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Air Software & Astrological Institute of Research


Alphee and Carol are both certified counseling astrologers, Ncgr Level IV, and have been offering counseling services for over 40 years. Their company, AIR Software, offers a full line of over 19 pieces of superb astrological software, as well as their exclusive Fortune Hunter's Mapping Service for Love,Career and Wealth, DVD courses to study astrology with Alphee, CD's for making life changes, and esssential oils blends. Please visit our website at http://www.alphee.com. Alternate e-mail address is moonangel@comcast.net.

Profile and Credentials        

Alphee has a degree in electrical engineering, is Ncgr certified and has been working as a professional astrologer for the past 45 years. He is world famous and is known as a Master Horary Astrologer worldwide. At this time he still accepting counseling by taking horary questions. He writes a monthly column on horary for Dell Horoscope Magzine and has a series of DVD astrology courses which are just like being in a classroom with this dynamic speaker and teacher! AIR Software is celebrating their 25th year and is one of the leading astrological software companies in the world. The line offers specialty programs as well as all around calculation programs and is the first with artificial intelligence in astro software. Alphee created a special line of software exclusively for financial trading which has won awards three years in a row! Alphee has spoken at dozens upon dozens of astrology conferences throughout the world and has three popular books out on Horary Astrology. Carol is certified by Ncgr Certified, Level IV, and has been a full time astrologer for the past 26 years. She provides a full line of Professional Astrological Counseling services consisting of natal charts, forecasts, horary, electional, rectification, compatability and relationship. All of her work is based on your exact birth data. She also writes for many astrological magazines, both hard copy and online. At your request she will also prepare a blend of the purest essential oils to help you cope with the issues as signified in your natal chart. Carol also offers a series of Cd's for hypnosis as well as spiritual growth. She has a Masters Degree in Special Education and an extensive background in alternative health practices, including western herbs, Chinese Herbs, essential oils, flower essences, diet and nutrition, and animal care. She is a foster mother for the Protectors of Animals. She has been living a positive, natural lifestyle for the past 33 years.

Philosophy and Comments        

Alphee and Carol are a husband and wife team whose lives are dedicated to advancing astrology and helping others to heal through this incredible tool. Their counseling approach is highly spiritual and yet very practical so that the information shared can be applied to everyday life and situations. Astrology is so much more than Sun signs and lends itself to every area of life. It is a complete system that can be used for self awareness, understanding, and timing. Alphee is now committed to researching astrology so that he can pass along to the future generations his findings and astrology can take its rightful place in our world.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our office is in West Hartford, CT, and we are open from Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Carol's astrological counseling sessions are $110 and last an hour and a half. The sessions are conducted over the phone, by appointment only, and taped. The tape is then mailed to you. Alphee's horary charts are $75. Call him to ask your question and then he will schedule a time to discuss the answer from the horary chart.





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