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Canadian Biologics School of Medical Sciences


Certified General Holistic Health Practitioner is a basic entry level program which appeals to students who wish to persue a career as a massage therapist and/or holistic health practitioner. This basic program requires 2300 hours to complete in order to become registered and licensed in most jurisdictions. Licensing and registration opens more opportunities for becoming listed as a provider by insurance companies. The basic program is required prior to taking any Certification or Doctoral program. Each certificate program requires 1000 hours of study, after the basic program is completed. The Doctoral programs will require 3000 hours of study, after the basic program is completed.

Graduates of CBISMS programs are allowed to use their designation in most states and provinces or countries.

Graduates will have opportunities to obtain continuing medical education credits through national and international holistic medical conferences.

See this page for a complete list of programs offered

Profile and Credentials        

CBISMS was started in 1972 when I was faced with my own health problems. It was from that time on that I began my exciting journey into alternative, complementary, personalized and integrative medicine. At first, I was prescribed tetracycline, which I later learned was like a nuclear bomb as it almost wiped out all the good bugs in my system. My first set of praises actually go out to an Asian school friend who interested me in the Martial Arts and the well known Chinese Herb called Ginseng. These were the tools that I used to strengthen my body and put acne and asthma away for ever. Eventually I was strong enough to compete at the international level in full contact Tae Kwon Do to finally gain a Canadian light weight title as a Gold Medal Winner. This was a pivotal point in my life because I quickly realized there was more to health than just simply consuming chemicals by mouth to fix what I later learned was simply an ecological problem in my system that had resulted in acne. Over the many years of working in hospitals and clinics, I have met many people who also share this same passion for medical knowledge. Unfortunately, many of you were not as fortunate as I have been to graduate from a recognized university or medical school. But I know there are many of you who still want to learn this beautiful art and science. Here is your opportunity to finally earn a title that can set you on a new healthy path and career. Through CBISMS, I bring to you an opportunity to learn for yourself how to take care of your own body and those you care about. You will gain an understanding of the field of medicine as it should be taught, which is fun, experiential, and with ease through online learning and clinic internship. Later on you will be able to use your training to help others in your own clinical setting.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Medical Science Programs offered        

  • Certified General Holistic Health Practitioner


  • Certified Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner

  • Certified Iridologist

  • Certified Live Cell Analyst

  • Certified Herbologist

  • Certified Reflexologist

  • Certified Aroma Therapist

  • Certified Homeopathic Medical Consultant

  • Certified Acupuncture Therapist

  • Certified Counsellor

  • Certified Holistic Diagnostician (analyst)

  • Doctor of Acupuncture, D.Ac

  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, DO

  • Doctor of Homeopathic Medical Sciences, DHMS

  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medical Sciences, DNMS




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