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Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

Ceara Foley


2 Westwood Place
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
T: 828-350-1221

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The Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism holds its evening classes in Asheville, NC and hands-on weekend classes on 31 pristine acres in Sandy Mush,NC and various locations around the region. Studying in the Blue Ridge mountains offers students access to the greatest number of plant species in North America. Our west Asheville location offers an array of workshops on holistic health and houses a variety of healing practitioners, as well as an apothecary and wellness library. We offer three core curriculums for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced herbal enthusiast as well as an herbal/nature camp for children.

Profile and Credentials        

WNC's oldest and most comprehensive herbal studies school, founded in 1991 by Peggy Ellis. Peggy Ellis studied with Rosemary Gladstar. In '91 she moved to the Himalayas to follow her spirit path. Her former student, Ceara Foley, took over the school and expanded the curriculum to include holistic living skills such as permaculture and beekeeping. Our inspirational staff includes an MD, a PHD, a mother, a mycologist, a clinical herbalist, an RN, among others. Guest lecturers visit as well.

Philosophy and Comments        

At ASHH we draw from the ancient Eastern wisdom of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and apply these energetics to common, abundant Western herbs. We incorporate the science of pharmacognosy with the spirit of vibrational plant medicines such as flower essences. Our exceptional faculty agree that the future of herbal medicine lies in this inclusive approach. We are elated to offer programs that empower people to become independently healthy with the help of plants and spirit. We know that reconnection with the elemental forces of nature will increase vitality for both man and the planet as well as create conscientious communities.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Fundamentals of Herbs and Plant Energies        

This introductory semester is offered beginning April 4th and again in the summer. Classes are held Wednesdays,6-9 pm at ASHH’s West Asheville location and every other Saturday, 10 am- 2 pm at Soulflower Botanical Sanctuary.

In this 13-week, 70-hour course, you will learn life skills that can help you personally, professionally or with your family. We explore modern applications of a timeless tradition of working with the plant kingdom.

These include:

Wildcrafting and plant identification

Medicine Making (Salves, Tinctures, oils, etc.)

Herbs for men, women, children, & childbearing

Herbal support for the systems of the body

Natural Skin Care and Aromatherapy

The Herbal Home Medicine Chest

Flower essences

Wild foods

Traditional Herbalist Program        

This 400-hour course allows you to immerse yourself in the full cycle of the Appalachian growing season. Visit the healing plants in a variety of ecosystems. Learn about their uses in the classroom and prepare them as medicines in our herb laboratory.

Deepen your knowledge of nature’s universal principles as well as your own self- awareness. This course is designed for the student of herbalism who desires to refine their practical skills. Hands-on classes in gardening, beekeeping and medicine making, bring the world of holistic health to life.

This program is appropriate for both the developing professional and those seeking greater attunement with themselves through the plant kingdom. Our approach allows the student to discover how to apply their unique passion and talents. Students are encouraged to develop their own definition of healing. We use meditation, dance, ritual, and sharing to promote personal empowerment.

Herbal teas are a part of all classes and wild food samplings will be available on weekends.

Clinical Herbalist Internship        

This unique opportunity to gain direct experience in ASHH's free herbal clinic is a collaborative venture with The Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine.

Lectures in advanced pathology, constitutional analysis, and clinical skills, enable the experienced herbalist to create a successful career in Clinical Herbalism.

Under the guidance of CoreyPine Shane, a Clincal Herbalist for over 10 years, and other visiting teachers, students will become empowered to meet with clients on their own, knowing that the wisdom they have to offer will be sound, effective, and life-enhancing.

Earth Sprouts! Herbal Day Camp For Children        

Let your children delight in the sounds and smells of nature in a safe nurturing environment. We provide games, activities, stories, and songs that teach your children more about their world. Each day begins with breath and movement and ends with remembrance and giving thanks for all the new living friends made that day. Your child will learn to identify safe common plants that will enrich their lives. Several uses from arts and crafts to food for animals to wound healing will be taught. We also educate about plants that should be approached with caution, if at all. Your child will leave with a deeper respect for nature and a better understanding of community and cooperation. They may even bring home some health tips for you!

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