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DURHAM, NC 27703
United States
T: 919-381-1992






The Album:
“The album is written from life experiences of which the main ingredient is Reggae, but you will still hear a little bit of Pop, R&B and Jazz.” This is what makes her sound distinctive in the age of Dancehall radio. In Cha’Maine, you can hear the next generation of women Reggae artists while still remaining true to the past.

Profile and Credentials        

The Music:
Where are they? Where are the female superstars? These words have echoed through the male dominated world of Reggae Music with no signs of stopping…until now. The barrier that has kept some of the most powerful voices pushed into singing backgrounds and hooks is being ripped from the hinges and singer/songwriter/producer Cha’Maine is holding nothing back to speed up the process.

The Growth:
Born and bred in May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica, the former Charmaine Radcliffe honed her skills while performing in Hall Jackson’s talented teens, the Clarendon Cultural development festival and many other local competitions in Jamaica. She also worked on numerous Dub Plates for Bodyguard Sound System. “When I use to go to King Jammy’s and Bobby Digital Studio and I would see all those DJ acts begging to be heard, then I knew I was lucky. That’s when my passion for Reggae grew.”

After moving to Brooklyn, NY in 1990, she continued to pursue her music career while adjusting to life in a new country. In her senior year of high school as a member of the NY All City Chorus, she performed at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Carnegie Hall and on Broadway for the New York Salute HIV/AIDS benefit. She would go on to being a finalist in the Lena Horne scholarship and receive offers to the Julliard School of Music and Berklee College of Music. After a few false starts, Cha'Maine moved to Durham, NC, where she could dedicate herself to writing. However, the local Reggae scene would romance her back into performing and recording.

Cha’Maine’s versatility has given her the opportunity to work with some of the most talented producers, artists and musicians in Reggae: Marcia Griffiths, Pam Hall, Glen Washington, Clifton “Specialist” Dillon, Courtney Panton, Derrick Barnett, Barrington Levi, Ky-mani Marley and the late Dennis Brown.

Philosophy and Comments        

“Everyone I meet and work with contributes to my musical development.”-Cha’Maine

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        





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