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Crystal Gingras


United States
T: 316.409.6929
F: (316)558-5880


Native American-Indian Holistic Bodywork, Retreats. Spiritual Coaching, Holistic Massage, Thai Yoga Therapy and more.

Profile and Credentials        

I was raised around the Native American Traditions as a small child. Traveling to different States with my mother and Learning from OhShinnah Fast Wolf and one of my mothers teachers is Wallace Black Elk. I have been performing House and Office Clearings since 1988 and I have had my own business since 2003 in Wichita, KS. I conduct workshops in Wichita, KS, Egypt, Nepal and in other States where I am requested. I also lead Sweat Lodge Ceremony by request, and am a Sacred Pipe Carrier. I do mostly Shamanic healing work which includes: Energy Shifting within the body to clear blocks and negativity and then fill the voids with love by using the Breath of Life/Reiki. I am a Reiki Master and enjoy conducting Reiki classes all over the world. I enjoy doing one on one work as well as group work. Please contact me if you have any special requests or Prayers. Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin.

Philosophy and Comments        

Native-American Spirituality is for all races and all creeds. There are no Judgements, Limitations or Religious Discrimination. Ceremonies are for all Walks of Life. It is all about Love and Sharing From the Heart. Love is a feeling that has no boundaries! Give it, accept it and Feel Its POWER! Aho Mitakuye Oyaisin. "We Are All Related" "All My Reations"

Chapette Hetas (Turtle Woman)

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Open 7 Days a Week 9-8

Will Travel For Sweat Lodge Ceremonies/Workshops

Holistic Massage Prices: 30 min-$50

60 min-$100; 90 min-$150; 120 min-$125

Shamanic Healing $150 (60-90 min.)

Sacred Hot Stone People Massage $110 (60-75 min)

House/Office Clearing By Donation Only (60 min)

CERTIFICATIONS (On Paper)        

Usui Reiki Master October 31, 1996

Usui Reiki Master April 23, 2005

Herbology April 3, 2005

Skin Care, Spa & Image Consultant October 11, 2003

Reflexology Basics December 7, 2006

Baptism Non-Denominational July 31, 2005

Hot Stone November 6, 2006

USD 259 Substitute Teacher License 2007-08

Small Business Owner November 8, 2007

Silver Violet Flame April 6, 2005

Associate of Arts December 20, 2004

National Honors Society of Collegiate Scholars April 13,2004

Massage Therapist October 18, 2005

Ordained Minister March 30, 2005


" I was really skeptical about the many benefits associated with Holistic massage and

Raindrop therapy until my first experience with Crystal. She takes massage and

healing to a totally different level. I don't know how to put in words the positive

benefits I have gained from allowing Crystal to work on me. Those one hour sessions

have changed me physically, mentally and spiritually. I have noticed a drastic

decrease to the many chronic pain symptoms associated with my daily stressful life.

The way I deal with issues and situations in my life has changed and I can honestly

associate this change with being worked on by Crystal. Crystal's sessions are not

only provide physical relief but mentally the weight is lifted and an overall feeling of

peace and tranquility is the result of each and every one of my sessions...."

Vanessa Drake Wichita, KS"Crystal has been working with me for almost a year. She has taught me a lot about

myself and I eagerly anticipate each session with her. The physical and spiritual

benefits of her massage techniques need to be experienced to be fully


Mark Freund Wichita, KS

When I was given Chapette's (Crystal's) card as a referral

for a massage therapist, I knew instantly the universe was speaking to me and that

we were to meet. I had been looking for someone who practices Reiki, as a

practitioner myself, and from the moment we met I knew she is a true natural healer.

We've known each other nearly 2 years now, and her healing hands have helped me

through some tough stresses. Seeing her is always an uplifting experience for me.

Esther (Venus) Wichita, KS



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