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CJ Martes

CJ Martes


PO Box 142
Greenwood, MO 64034
United States
T: 800-604-9967


A powerful mystic and spiritual teacher, CJ Martes has spent the past twenty-five years touching the lives of thousands of people in over 50 different countries with her amazing insights.

Known for her ability to openly communicate with angels in order to support and guide others through difficult times, she's lovingly known as an Angel on Earth to many who know her.

CJ's life was changed forever in 1997 when she received an unexpected visit from a group of 13 Seraphim Angels. They not only helped her to heal during a very difficult time in her life, but made some startling predictions about CJ's path and her purpose.

During their initial visits with her, they spoke often about a book that she was destined to write which they called Angel Incarnate. This book Angel Incarnate: One Birth is the fulfillment of their predictions and is inspired by a True Story.

Since that fateful day, the Seraphim have continued their daily communication with CJ in order to assist her work to inspire others to believe that they are truly powerful beyond measure.

She and her wonderful husband David have raised four children and enjoy living in the Midwest.

To learn more about this incredible book and CJ's work:
http://www.angelincarnate.com or http://www.cjmartes.com

Profile and Credentials        

CJ received her certification in Energy Studies from Vibrational Gateways Institute in Kansas City in 1999 and is now a practitioner of Attunement Therapy and Full Body Scans. This work allows her to work with clients on accessing the body’s own wisdom to create healing potential. She became a practitioner of Soul Clearing in 2002 and has worked with people all over the world to help them remove blocks and barriers to health, wealth and happiness.


Vibrational Healing Training Program

(12 Month Accredited Program)

Vibrational Gateways Institute

Kansas City, MO

Curriculum: Anatomy, Full Body Scanning, Quantum Physics, Vibrational Healing, Nutrition, Herbal Supplements


Attunement Practitioner 6 month Practicum

Vibrational Gateways Institute

Kansas City, MO

Curriculum: Hands on Patient work and further study including assessments and recommendations for treatment.


Soul Clearing Method Training


Prairie Village, KS


Advanced Soul Clearing Method Training


Prairie Village, KS


Independent Studies:

Holistic Health

Quantum Physics & Theories

Spiral Dynamics

Integral Psychology

Behavioral Psychology



Chaplain Training

Unity Church


Research and Development of Akashic Field Therapy SM.

Her other areas of interest and study are quantum physics, the human energy field and vibrational healing.

She is an accomplished lecturer and available to talk on ascension, angelic intervention and other spiritual topics. She is also an accomplished writer with published articles in both printed and online publications. Her first book Angel Incarnate is due out in Fall 2005.

Philosophy and Comments        

C.J. utilizes her gifts to assist others with clearing negative vibrations and integrating lessons in order to bring clarity of mind, body and spirit. She feels she has manifested her gifts in order to empower people to open their own channels and heal themselves.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

M-Sat 9-5, Some evenings available.





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