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Nancy Spahr



5501 E 71st Street Suite 1A
Indianapolis, IN 46220
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Cleansing Waters, LLC


I am Nancy Spahr and I am a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Certified Body Ecologist. My business has expanded to offer the wonderful cleansing benefits of a FAR Infrared Sauna and a wonderful Detoxifying Foot Spa. Here at Cleansing Waters we also offer Body Ecology Diet classes and BED support groups. For more information on the Body Ecology Diet, please visit www.bodyecology.com. I am excited to introduce new and healing products such as the Digestive Care products of BED, Premier Research, Advanced Naturals, Virgin Coconut Oil by Tropical Traditions, Cultured Vegetables,

All of this is found at the Cleansing Waters Wellness Center on the northeast side of Indianapolis. It is a quiet and personal experience at Cleansing Waters where your comfort is my first concern. And don’t forget the humor. . . . Pooping jokes are always welcome!

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonics are the most effective when done in a series. The number of series is individually assessed on information provided during the first visit. A minimum of two is required.

First and Second Sessions: $185.00

Follow-up Session(s): $70.00

Series of 5 Sessions: $325.00 (save $25.00)

Series of 10 Sessions: $600.00 (save $100.00)

Aromatherapy, using therapeutic essentials oils, and light abdominal massage are offered at no extra cost. Digestive care products are also available as needed. One may choose to complement their colonics with herbal cleansing programs.

Your first appointment will last approximately 1 1/2 hours that includes a 45-minute Consultation/Education and 45-minute colon hydration session. Subsequent appointments last approximately 1 hour. Actual colonic session lasts 35-45 minutes.

Upon scheduling your first appointment, personal health history forms will be sent to you via email or in the mail. Bring these completed forms with you for the initial consultation.

What is Colon Therapy and why do we need it?        

Colon Therapy is a method of cleansing the colon (large intestine) of accumulated fecal matter, mucus, harmful toxins and bacteria from the bowel. The colon is a 4-layer muscle and Colon Therapy helps to stimulate and exercise this muscle. Like any muscle if it is not toned and working efficiently it will become sluggish and not work at an optimum level. If you are not eliminating after each meal, then your colon is not working efficiently and you are constipated. Waste and toxins that remain too long in the intestines feed harmful bacteria causing putrefaction and fermentation which can cause symptoms such as gas, bloating, headaches, fatigue and skin problems to name a few. These poisons can also be reabsorbed into the system and cause autointoxification or self-poisoning and can lead to more serious health problems.

Does Colon Therapy wash out the good bacteria in the colon?

Colon Therapy will cleanse the good and bad bacteria from the bowel - but so does a regular bowel movement. But because we are cleansing large amounts of toxins and putrefied matter from the bowel, the environment to re-establish the good bacteria is much better. So it is important to take acidophilus and bifidus (good bacteria) after getting colonics.

Who can benefit from Colon Therapy?

Nearly everyone can benefit from Colon Therapy. The colon is one of five eliminative organs in the body. Colon Therapy is an excellent and safe way of eliminating toxins from the body and the less toxins we have in the body the healthier we will be and the stronger our immune systems will be.

How many treatments will I need?

An initial series of 3 treatments within a 7-10 day period is recommended. More treatments may be required in cases of chronic conditions.

Will Colon Therapy cause my bowels not to eliminate on its own?

Absolutely not! Because Colon Therapy exercises the colon creating better peristalsis (muscle contraction) it will actually help it to function and eliminate much better.

Will I experience any side effects?

Most clients feel much lighter and more energetic and rarely may temporarily experience slight headache or fatigue. This is why a series of 3 treatments is important.

What are some of the benefits of Colon Therapy?

  • More energy
  • Rids body of toxins
  • Supports immune system
  • Eliminates gases, bloating and cramping
  • Helps clear complexion
  • Reduces weight and slims
  • Removes parasites
  • Aids in better absorption of nutrients
  • Rids body of undigested foods
  • Reduces sugar and carbohydrate cravings
  • Stimulation of intestinal muscles to enhance appropriate functions and elimination (The procedure exercises, tones and strengthens by initiating peristalsis)
  • Beneficial prior to childbirth

  • Testimonials        

    My god! After at least 15 years of feeling helpless and awful....in a relatively short time...I am almost back to normal bowel functioning. I am crying tears of joy as I write you.
    You are the best. Consider me your student.

    George, Indianapolis

    I first visited Cleansing Waters in September of 2003. I was having problems with my colon and had been diagnosed with Diverticulosis ( don't know about that spelling). About every 5 to 6 weeks it would become inflamed and cause me to miss a day or two of work and it was very painful. I was also having problems with acid reflux and had been taking a prescription acid reducer for about 2 years.

    The benefits of the hydrocolon therapy were almost immediate and dramatic. In the 5 months since I began this therapy I have not had a single episode of inflammation and the kind of pain that accompanied it. Nancy also suggested a regimen of supplements that has drastically reduced my acid reflux. So much so that I haven't needed my prescription nor do I take antacids. I think colonics along with these supplements is probably the two most important things I've ever done for my health.

    David, Indianapolis

    I love the CD and book set by Scott Ohlgren you sold me. I have been feeling great these past few days, and am really charged up by the fact that I've lost probably 7 or 8 pounds since my first session with you, and have kept it off all summer. I don't actually know how many pounds but I've lost at least a dress size. And I have seen some recent pictures of myself and couldn't believe how "thin" my face looked. And my skin has really cleared up too-- I was scared about going off birth control, but my skin has had only minor eruptions-- not like my skin was in the old days. Yay -- thanks Nancy!

    Kathy R., Indianapolis

    I began colonics for constipation problems and a variety of other health issues. The surprise was when the mouth ulcers that I was to have a biopsy on, disappeared completely after 3 sessions!

    Linda, Indianapolis

    I began colonics for weight loss reasons, I have notice a big change in my body as well as my over all health.!

    Josie, Indianapolis

    After only 3 weeks I am experiencing more energy and feel better than I have in a long time. My work-outs are more productive. And my overall sense of well-being has much improved. This is definitely moving old emotional stuff as well.
    Peggy, Indianapolis

    It is so gratifying to see my body release all those parasites and yeast. I had no idea how toxic I was. And Nancy’s support and information is invaluable.
    Ann, Indianpolis

    I feel very comfortable at Cleansing Waters. I am a shy pooper and thought that would be a problem for me. But it wasn’t. My chronic sinus infections have cleared up, I have more energy and I wake up refreshed instead of feeling like I have a hangover. I also lost 10 lbs. in the first two weeks!!
    Kathy, Fishers



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