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Lidia Nash


949 - D5 Beville Rd.
S. Daytona, Florida 32119
T: (386) 760-0035

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We specialize in colon hydrotherapy. We use FDA approved equipment and disposable supplies.

Our environment is clean, safe, professional and comfortable.

We cater to both men and women's health.

Lidia is also an EAV practitioner, also known as dermal screening. A well trained practitioner operating the computerized system can identify "imbalances" in the body and also the remedies needed to clean out and allow the body to bring itself back into balance, reducing and even eliminating uncomfortable symptoms or a sickness.

Other services offered by Lidia are the Ionic Footbath, Lymphatic drainage with The Lymphstar Pro, and Far Infra Red Sauna.

Lidia teaches raw food and healthy food preparation classes periodically, she will email you with information for the next upcoming class.

Profile and Credentials        

Lidia is a health care practitioner who specializes in detoxification. She is a registered nutritional consultant (in Canada), licensed massage therapist (Florida) and certified colon hydro therapist (Florida).

Lidia also believes in the "Living Food Lifestyle" also known as the "raw food lifestyle". She strives to eat 80% but does still consume a small amount of cooked food and some meat and dairy from time to time.

She has, and continues to acquire certificates and diplomas from ongoing educational courses to broaden her knowledge of complementary health and energetic studies.

Philosophy and Comments        

Lidia is a health care practitioner whose goal is to help people understand how the choices they make have an effect on their personal health. We are surrounded by elements which can challenge our body's natural ability to ward off disease, which can promote dysfunction. Lidia will empower you with information that will help you make the right choices.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday - Saturday by appointment, starting at 7am daily





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