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Crystal April, CD



New Orleans, LA 70125
United States




Community Doulas of New Orleans


Community Doulas in New Orleans is a support, networking and referral group of doulas and aspiring doulas committed to serving mothers in the greater New Orleans area. If you are interested in becoming a doula or finding and hiring a doula please contact Crys Aprill 504-314-1528, Heidi Rau 504-453-2634 or Carol Lynch 504-833-5327.

Profile and Credentials        

The members of Community Doulas hold a variety of local,national and international certifications and training experiences in labor support and perinatal services.

Philosophy and Comments        

Community Doulas is a group of women dedicated to promoting the art and practice of professional labor support in the greater New Orleans Area.The group is committed to supporting birth as a unique and natural process in the life of a woman and baby and thereby the right of a woman to choose her own birth options.We offer a support and professional network base for all doulas and aspiring doulas in the greater New Orleans area. We are committed to the expansion of the doula profession in all areas of our birth community.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please contact Crys Aprill for a list of active doulas in the greater New Orleans area. Contact doulas individually to discuss fee schedules and hours. In general, doulas consult with couples/mothers 2 times prenatally, attend mothers continuously during labor and birth (at home or in a clinic or hospital)then meet 1-2 times after the baby's birth. Other services such as massage and postpartum doula support may be available.





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