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Craig Evans



232 Phoenix Hills Drive
Phoenix, OR 95476
United States
T: 541-535-1918


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AromaSoundBalancing is a process I have worked within and is created utilizing many other methods in use, and running them through my filters. A client is able to work on the Physical, Emotional, Mental, or Spiritual level determined at each session. They will experience stimulation of the 5 senses. An original 30 minute digitally produced CD of channeled music created on a Kurzweil keyboard, and a nature sound background to affirm a safe place zone, & approx.1 month supply of essential oil is given at the end of the session. The client experiences a visualization process, and the music & oils help them remember what was discussed at that session.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been a Musician/Composer for over 50 years. I stopped performing in the clubs around 1990 and began writing music for relaxation & de-stressing. I am self taught musically speaking, but I've studied with acknowleged Sound Healers, or read many books in the field of Sound/music therapy. I believe in the principles of "Quantum Physics". Feels like I've done this sort of thing before!

As a result of working in a test program in the Oncology Dept.at Washoe Med hospital in Reno, NV, I was able to show that my process lessened the need for pain meds, less calls to the nurses, less nausea, and a more gentle recovery from Chemo/Radiation. I am completing a seperate idea which incorporates AromaSoundBalancing with a brain diagram of a HEALING THOUGHT, and how that could be accomplished by the patient.

Through the years I have worked with clients who have had a variety of challenges. Such as: brain imbalances, seizures, cancer re-hab, ADD in young adults, accident trauma,as well as some psychosomatic injuries still held in the body. My wife Linda works with me in these cases. Yin/Yang Balance

Philosophy and Comments        

INTENTION is one of the more powerful words/tools we humans can share when we interact with one another. I write each and every composition with the good intention of raising a persons awareness of who & what they are. Helping them to see the truth. Allowing the person to choose between LOVE or FEAR, and moving into a new paradigm transcending old patterns.

The following are a few clients testimonials: AromaSoundBalancing has & is making a big difference in my life. The beauty of the music + essential oils makes this a most pleasant medicine. What a way to go!

Michael Salz President World Health Alliance

Craig brings a sensitivity & understanding of the need of positive emotional release by providing tools which can be utilized easily & effeciently. The music & Aromas are powerful balancing forces in our lives.

Karon & Gary Glasgow Attorneys at Law

I want to state that the "Sound" experience I had with Craig was enjoyable. To me it was a meditation accompanied by music that was particularly the quality of my own preference in music. The music was very pleasant & relaxing. I enjoyed the session.

Brace I Knapp, M.D.

Music is the Universal language. Craig speaks it fluently. AromaSoundBalancing is a powerful way to balance mind & body. It's an experience that gets to the heart of healing itself.

Rob Williams, M.A. Originator of Psych-K

I can recommend that anyone who is on a growth oriented path will benefir from this work.

Lawrence A. Quell, D.C.

Craig's music has provided a wonderful atmosphere for my people to relax enough during counseling to span deep levels of themselves and release burdens they no longer need. Craig is obviously "tuned into" the music of life's beautiful harmony.

Rev. S.M. Bellrieve

Craig's music has helped to balance the office bringing in harmony & true joy.

Renae Smalley Herbalist/Reiki

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I can be reached between 9:00 AM & 6:00 PM Pacific Coast time daily. Fees will be discussed individually prior to session.





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