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María Gemma



Pza. Joaquín Pena Nº 1, bajos
Barcelona, BCN E-08017
T: 34 93 280 0016
F: 34 93 205 0524


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TRCD therapists work on 5 energetic levels: Masculine Energy, Feminine Energy, Oniric Energy, Remote Energy and Kuantic/Mental Energy. They detect where the main blockages arise from and work to remove the blockages using one or several energetic frequencies. Through its innovative approach, TRCD helps the individual to quickly eliminate the obstacles that interfere with his personal fulfillment. This technique created in the early 90’s allows you to quickly recenter your energy and resources towards the present, acquire a greater understanding of life and a deep motivation for personal independence and responsibility.

Profile and Credentials        

Some of the modalities offered:

TRCD’s SOMATIC THERAPY offers concrete solutions to the emotional problems and situations that create a mind-body disconnection and make the body be a prisoner of the mind. Emotional tracking together with TRCD exercises will allow your body to be liberated and connect with expansive energy with is the basis of your personal fulfillment.

FEMI MASSAGES are innovative and regenerative massages based on a precise touch and on the mobilization of the blocked corporal points that will oxygenate, release tensions and favor an anti-aging process of the skin. These massages have also been specifically designed by Maria Gemma Sáenz, creator of the TRCD for children from 3 to 10 years old. Their aim is to enhance learning, foment security and develop self-sufficiency. You can be trained in Femi Massage and offer this knowledge in esthetic and wellness centers.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Doctor Vicenta Amparo Llusar Granell offers Special Weight Management programs and diets that follow 8 different energetic levels. They are designed to revitalize and oxygenate the mind and body. While the diet programs do require a personal effort, the following programs require no personal effort. They are designed to produce an un-stressful and joyful revitalization of the body and of the mind through an innovative technology of well-being that includes colored showers, water and ice programs, the effect of different temperatures (hot, warm and cold), oxygenation and massage programs for adults and children.

PAST LIFE THERAPY: Past Life Therapy The sessions of Remote Energy (Past Life Therapy) are channeled by Maria Gemma who has been working in this area since the early 90’s. She is assisted by beings that forward information in response to the client’s own individual queries. Since the mind can invent things and the body cannot create incorrect information, TRCD works with Remote Energy from within the body. Past Life Therapy in TRCD is worked at three different levels: Soul, Spirit and Essence. Each one of these levels has specific vertebrae programs that are all related to the spine that acts as an informative field. Past Lives are worked and processed with the support of the 5 elementals (earth, fire, water, air, oxygen). This process will also allow you to discover which is your Life Path during this lifetime.

AKASHIC RECORDS: Maria Gemma has been channeling Damun since the early 90’s. During one session with Damun you will receive the Akashic information that you ask for or that you need to overcome present difficulties. You will be able to transform attitudes that you do not understand but which prevent you from succeeding.

PERSONAL GROWTH: We offer programs that can be done from your home based on the information of each group of vertebrae (base vertebrae, sternum, sacro-coxis and cervical). Each specific group of vertebrae allows us to make contact with a specific problem at these different levels (cellular memory, energetic memory). When you do these programs from your home you will receive personalized email support.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION: POWER and MINI POWER are complex treatments that work from within the body the illnesses and themes activated by blocked REMOTE ENERGY. These special treatments allow the individual to have a deep insight on what hinders his fulfillment and to understand where he finds himself on an evolutive scale. CHOC and POWER-CHOC programs work on the meeting of both past and present individual information. This merging of information creates a CHOC that dilutes conflict.

SPIRITUAL HEALERS: The channel Maria Gemma Saenz wishes the patient to understand that her function is not to cure but to give him a thorough understanding of the themes that affect his health.

CHANNELS: Maria Gemma Saenz has been doing channeling for the last ten years. Her channeling is therapeutically orientated although numerous clients also consult her for varied personal and business matters.

Philosophy and Comments        

The creator of this technique, Maria Gemma Saenz, wishes the patient to understand that the role of TRCD therapists is not to cure but to give to the client a thorough understanding of the themes that affect or might affect his health.

Since an individual is 50% mass (physical body) and 50% energy (energetical body) healing requires paying attention to both dimensions. Therefore while medicine deals with the body, the remaining energetical 50% must be worked out by the individual through his or her own process within different energetic levels.

TRCD therapists give to each individual the necessary elements to succeed in the healing of this energetic dimension.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The center in Barcelona works from 6:00 AM to 6.00 PM from Monday to Monday. TRCD trainings happen in Barcelona but it is now possible to follow the Distance Training Courses to become a TRCD professional. The long distance training only requires attending personally one annual workshop and develops over a 5-year program divided in annual modules, which can also be taken separately. Since 1992 María Gemma keeps developing the Damun´s Corporal rebalancing technique (TRCD), having 6 professional trainings on this days.





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