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Tenanche-- need new Semiata-Akuaba



P.O. Box 91272
Squirrel hill, PA 15217
United States
T: 412.361.5595
F: 412.731.8118


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Crystal Radiance Wellness


I specialize in healing with gem and rose flower remedies, having created Crystal Radiance™ Essences: over 150 Gem, Rose and Desert Flower Essences and Aromatherapy mist sprays to support your emotional and metaphysical healing. I also offer Bach Flower Therapy and Counseling. As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I offer Reiki therapy, distant healing, attunements and training at all levels as well as Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organ Chi Massage). I conduct classes, playshops, informational presentations to individuals and groups as well as private consultations. I also offer transformative visual arts consultations and workshops.

Profile and Credentials        

Tenanche Semiata-Akuaba, M.A., RM: Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher; Bach Flower Therapist (Studied with the British Institute of Homeopathy and Complementary Medicine); Subtle Energy Therapist; Reflexologist; Creatrix of Crystal Radiance™ Essences: over 150 Gem, Rose and Desert Flower Essences; Originator of Crystal Radiance Reiki™; Founder, The Healing Rose Society - an organization researching the healing and nutritive properties of roses; One of twenty healers profiled in the book, "Women of Grace: Women Healers and Healing Practices" by Carol Kronwitter, 2001; Author of the forthcoming books (2003-4): "Essences of Radiance: A Guide to Emotional and Metaphysical Healing with Gem and Rose Flower Remedies" and "Messages of Radiance: Healing Meditations from the Stone and Flower Kingdoms"; Visionary Artist - Painter, Mixed-Media Artist

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that all healing begins with the spiritual within us. Love and Spirit are vibration, and through nurturing vibrational healing therapies we may find well-being. Reiki, vibrational healing with gem and flower essences, soothing massage to open chi, and transformative creative arts experiences can assist us in becoming more loving, radiant, whole beings and fulfill our divine purpose on Earth. For more information, please view the Crystal Radiance website at http://www.crystalradiance.com. Wishing you Radiance and Peace on your healing path.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Flower Essence Consultations - $50/hr (includes your customized remedy); Reiki Certification: Level 1 Practitioner - $100 plus manual; Level 2 Practitioner - $100; Level 3 Practitioner - $100; Master/Teacher Training - $300; Reiki Therapy - by Donation: All other fees, please contact me at rose@crystalradiance.com





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