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David Marano



Hot Springs, AR 71913
United States




Crystal Treasure


Quartz crystals, for believers and non-believers alike. Fadens, rainbows, inclusions, tabby, windows, time links, double terms. Only small portion of inventory on site, ASK if we have what you want

Profile and Credentials        

Restaurant executive by profession, free lance crystal mining is my avocation. My entire family has been drawn to the mines since we moved to Arkansas. My Mom, Joda will be doing most of the describing, the crystals tell her what to say. If we don't think the piece you have chosen is right for you, we may block the sale. Each gem is meant to find its home.

Philosophy and Comments        

Whether you are a licensed healer, a novice believer, consider crystals "lucky" or just admire their beauty we respect your feelings. We love crystals just because we love them and do not intend to try and convince you of anything. Our comments are personal opinions, based on our findings.

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