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10 Elizabeth Drive
Chelmsford, MA 01905
United States
T: 800-886-2966
F: 978-256-6556


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Cynosure, Inc.


Cynosure develops, manufactures, and markets laser technology products at its Chelmsford, Massachusetts headquarters for worldwide distribution. The company’s extensive product line includes the V Star™ pulse dye laser for vascular, birthmark and facial treatments, the Apogee™ family of hair removal lasers, the Tri-Star™, Apogee® Elite™, Acclaim™ and SmartEpil™ multi-application cosmetic lasers, the PhotoLight® pulsed light system, the Tri-Active® LaserDermology™ for cellulite treatment and therapeutic massage and the PhotoGenica® SV for surgical ENT applications.

In 2002, El. En., Italy’s leading laser developer and manufacturer, acquired a majority position of Cynosure, Inc. The product mix of the two companies is highly complementary and will provide opportunities for growth through an increased mix of products and wider coverage of global markets. El. En. and Cynosure are working closely to optimize joint production processes, research and development efforts, and to exploit worldwide distribution channels.

Today, over 5000 of Cynosure and El.En. lasers and light-based systems are installed around the world and are used in treating a full range of conditions.

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Cynosure has offices in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Singapore and Japan, and has forged a strategic partnership with Suzhou Cynosure Medical Devices in Suzhou, Peoples Republic of China. Cynosure’s global reach extends too more than 60 nations and has given the company worldwide recognition in physician practices.

Cynosure was founded in 1991 by Dr. Horace Furumoto, who also founded Candela Corp.

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