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Douglas De Long



221 Gladmer Park
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J2X3
T: 306-652-0346


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De Long Ancient Mystery School


We teach classes and provide other services through our school in Saskatoon, Canada. We also travel throughout parts of North America to teach, lecture and provide specialized sessions for clients and students. Our school is based on some of the teachings of the ancient mystery schools that existed in Egypt and other areas of the Ancient World.

Profile and Credentials        

My wife Carol and I operate the De Long Ancient Mystery School in Saskatoon, Canada. We teach various classses such as the Psychic Development Class and the Chakra Class. I am also the author of the books 'Ancient Teachings for Beginners' and 'Ancient Teachings 2' (Llewellyn Worldwide Publications).

Philosophy and Comments        

We are dedicated to helping others open or enhance their psychic and spiritual abilities. We wish to empower our client and students to become energy healers, aura readers, intuitive counsellors and medical intuitives.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our hours are flexible. Contact the school at mysteryschool@shaw.ca for details and information or visit our website at www.delongmysteryschool.homestead.com





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