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Dorian Salgado



c/o OMC, 801 Encino Place NE, Suite B3
Albuquerque, NM 87110
United States
T: 866 883 1084


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Designs by Dorian


Unique cake tops for any occasion: Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, QuinceaƱera, customized and handcrafted to last. Vintage cake toppers restored. All my cake tops are customizable in colors, flower type, tulle, and more. Custom cake tops are posted before shipping to be sure they meet your expectations. This is the Snowflakes King and Queen cake top, available in two styles.

Profile and Credentials        

Dorian graduated from Floral Design School in 1983 and has worked as a floral designer for many years. She is also a dance instructor and performer, specializing in Flamenco Moro, a fusion of Flamenco and Middle Eastern styles. Balance in movement and in still design are twp of her fortes. Her cake top designs are perhaps the most innovative available. This is one of the Doves Wedding Cake Tops available.

Philosophy and Comments        

"My foremost goal is to make brides ecstatic. I believe in creating novel art based on fantasy and vintage design reminiscent of times past and different cultures, bringing back the magic, so to speak. My work is for the benefit all who see it, from brides and their guests, to myself, my family, and to any whom I may employ. Each of my designs must be as perfect as I can craft it, sturdy and beautiful enough to become an heirloom. In other words, what I make, how I expend my energy, must be worthwhile." This is the India Wedding Peacocks design.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Vintage cake topper restoration is availabe at $25 per hour. Visit my website for pricing on new cake tops. I am generally available for phone calls between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, Mountain Standard time, but please leave a message if I am not immediately available. I will return your call as soon as I am able. My e-mail address and toll-free phone number are posted on my website. This is a restored 1930's antique cake top. See the Vintage Cake Top Restorations page on my website for before pictures and other examples.

Native American Wedding Cake Top        

This is a Native American Wedding Cake Top.

The wedding vase has been part of pueblo life for centuries. The spouts signify two separate lives while the bridge at the top joins these two into one. This beautiful vases, several styles and colors available, are all created by New Mexico Native American potters. The dream catcher captures the couple's bad dreams, doubts and fears while allowing only the good dreams to pass through. Finally, the two dove feathers symbolize love: one for the bride, one for the groom.

Western Wedding Cake Top        

Western Wedding Cake Tops are available as shown, or with a Silver Horseshoe instead of the western hat, and horses in amber or clear glass.


Wedding Bells cake tops are available in practically any color(s)


One of the more unusual designs, the dark themed Gothic Crows cake top would enhance a Halloween wedding. A Gothic Bats design is in the works.

No two of my designs are alike.

Visit my website for much more!

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