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David Palmer



10 Jefferson Ave.
Salem, MA 01970
United States
T: 978-740-0044
F: 978-745-6444


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Palmer Institute of Massage & Bodywork


Become a Licensed Massage Therapist in just 6 months! Courses are offered in three semesters annually: January, May and September. Our Massage Therapy Certification Program is a 650 Hour Program. You can take as few as one course or as many as 3 ½ courses per semester. The makeup of the Program is as Follows: 1. Required Foundation Courses (4 ½ ): 450 Hours • Massage Therapy I • Anatomy & Physiology I • Pick one of our two Energy courses: o Polarity Energy Balancing I o Shiatsu Training • Anatomy & Physiology II • *Business Mastery (a 6-week 50 hr. course qualifying as a ½ course) 2. Elective Courses (2): 200 Hours • *Aromatherapy • *Ayurvedic I • *Ayurvedic II • *Cranio-Sacral Balancing • *Energy Systems • *Herbalism I: Healing with Plants • *Herbalism II • *Hot Stone Massage • Massage for Cancer and the Aging Body • Massage Therapy II • Myofacial Release • Neuro-Muscular Therapy • *Nutrition and Whole Foods I • *Nutrition II • Polarity Energy Balancing II • *Pre-Natal Massage • Reflexology I • Reflexology II • Sports Massage & Hydrotherapy • Zen Shiatsu *Asterisked Elective Courses are 50 Certification Hours; all others are 100 Certification Hours Total Tuition is $7800.

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The Palmer Institute of Massage & Bodywork prides itself in being an elite school with class size no larger than 14 students. We have created an innovative learning experience that is time efficient and cost effective by allowing students to choose their own courses therefore creating a personal curriculum. Students may take as many of as few courses as they wish per semester. This certification program is Licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education.

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We Help The World Feel Better One Student At A Time

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