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Kathryn Sharp



942 Tyonek Drive, Anchorage, AK
Anchorage, AK 99501
United States
T: (907)274-2359


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DiamondHeart Co-creative Garden


DiamondHeart is a co-creative garden in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska. We are open for guided tours of the site and visitation of the medicine wheel on Thursdays throughout the summer months.

We offer tools for healing and transformation, including consciously harvested herbal remedies, flower essences, and essential oils.

We offer classes and workshops on dowsing and connecting with the Nature spirits, Earth healing and transformational processes.

Profile and Credentials        

Kathryn and Michael Sharp have been living co-creatively at DiamondHeart garden since 1995. Both have enjoyed sharing with and learning from elders of many indigenous communities and tribes. Kathryn has studied herbal medicine, aromatherapy, ceremonial healing, dowsing, drumming, and ancient mystery school teachings. She teaches workshops on dowsing, healing and ascension, flower essences, essential oils, and co-creation.
Michael has walked the path of recovery, and recieved teachings from elders and mentors of many cultures. In 1994 he answered the call from his heart to let go of his old life and purchase the land for the garden. Then began the miraculous synchronicity that continues to unfold every day at DiamondHeart.

Philosophy and Comments        

At DiamondHeart, we consult the nature spirits for what and when to harvest. Products are made with intention for personal and planetary healing.
The medicine wheel at the heart of the garden was placed under guidance from the ancients and the ascended masters. It carries the intention for personal and planetary healing. The four cornerstones of the property are gridded with intentions for the creation of beauty, miraculous healing, remembrance of who we are, and co-creation. As we work in alignment with the guidance from nature and the ascended ones, new levels of intention are gradually revealed.
At this time, a fully activated circuit of energy for regeneration is available through the site.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Open Thursdays from 11:00am to 5:00 pm for informal public tours.

Tours are free of charge.

We happily recieve contributions toward the garden's upkeep, and offer our products for sale in the studio.





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