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Joey Korn



2436 Camelot Dr.
Augusta, GA 30904
United States
T: 1-877-369-7464
F: 706-736-2549


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Joey Korn is a world renowned dowser, energy worker and author. He helps people realize ever more of their unlimited potential as spiritual beings of Light. The focus of Joey's work is combining prayer and blessing with the ancient art of dowsing and the ancient teachings of Kabbalah.

Joey reveals his insights and techniques in his talks, workshops, retreats, his Web site (www.dowsers.com) and in his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment. Joey also offers remote dowsing, healing, and space clearing services services.

Profile and Credentials        

Joey has been passionately on his spiritual path for over 30 years. He ran his family auto parts business for 16 years before devoting his life to his spiritual pursuits. He now dedicates his life to unlocking the secrets of Nature and helping others grow spiritually and take charge of their lives. Joey teaches around the US, in Canada, England, Mexico, and wherever he is called.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have a deep knowing that God is All That Is. With the Divine gift of Free Will, we can all take charge of our lives and grow ever closer to God. Dowsing combined with prayer is my most powerful spiritual tool. I have made many connections with dowsing combined with prayer and blessing. For example, I have actually found the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in a pattern of energies around every human being. It also repeats itself in Earth energies. I can teach just about anyone to find this pattern of energies and work with it. I can detect and balance you own energies and the energies around you in your home and the land on which you live.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Remote Spiritual Housecleaning sessions are $100. My work hours are flexible. I can detect and balance energies in homes anywhere in the world. Human energy balancing too. My workshops are typically $95 for Level 1 and $175 for both Level 1 & 2.

My Products        

We sell:

*Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment by Joey Korn

*Dowsing rods, pendulums, and other dowsing books

*Books by and about Walter Russell

*Metaphysical Books

*Books on Kabbalah

*Celtic Sea Salt




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