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Mark A. Lyons



46 Railroad Ave
Sayville, NY 11782
United States
T: 631-968-8307


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Drawing the Circle Productions Inc.


DTCP INC is a Spiritual Events Company serving the Long Island, NY Community & beyond. We host a series of Weekly, Monthly & Annual events to inspire, educate & entertain our clientele. We work with a wide range of Teachers, Healer & Readers to get people the information & support they need to transform their lives & the World. DTCP President Rev. Mark A. Lyons created this company to help fulfill his Divine Mission of "Bringing People Together with Spirit" while simultaneously building a community island & indeed worldwide. We currently operate out of a center in Sayville, New York, but have the freedom to go wherever we are called. Divine Intelligence guides our growth & brings to us all we need to heal & bless this world.

Profile and Credentials        

Drawing the Circle Productions is unlike any other company. It is of a Unique & Divine Design that serves “All who Harm None.” Like a space station of Spirit, people come & dock for a time, sharing their gifts & transforming. Then, they disengage moving onto new teachers, new students & new experiences. DTCP is more than a corporation. It is a community of Like-minded Magickal & Spiritual folks. We have Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, Angels, Artists, Healers, Readers, Monks & just about every other variation of spiritual archetype walk through our doors. Though the management is Wiccan & Clergy, not all of our people are. DTCP is not a Pagan organization, it is a Spiritual Events Corporation designed to serve the world through Fellowship, Information, Inspiration & lots of Laughter. And MAN, can we throw a Party! Complete Bios of our staff & teachers can be found on our website www.drawingthecircle.com. Our schedule is updated on the site monthly & contains pertinent event information. We also have an online newsletter through Yahoo, you can find out more by going to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DrawingtheCircle. I do hope that you will check us out. Blessed Be, Rev. Mark A. Lyons. Prez. Drawing the Circle Productions, INC.

Philosophy and Comments        

"Bringing People Together with Spirit!!!" It’s a great tag line, as slogans go. Yet, every day we manage to fulfill this basic premise. People are at the core of Drawing the Circle Productions. Many different kinds of people make up DTCP's community. We've learned lots of things from lots of people over the past few decades. Our Staff are avid students of Spirit. By sharing our best lessons, we've built a really huge community of people that all agree on certain universal principals. “Harm None & We are All ONE” are among the forefront of shared truths. Our intention with this directory service is to link up all of those powerful people. We're seeing true friendships blossoming among our participants. The sweetest people keep coming through our door & we're honored to get to call some of them family. Day by day our circle grows & this website serves to help our circle expand even more... Then there's the SPIRIT part of the mission statement. When asked to define Spirit, we go symbolic. (E=MC2) Everything is energy. Energy = Spirit To bring people together with Spirit is to bring people together with energy, plain & simple. It is our mission statement & we achieve it through: weekly classes & monthly workshops, private sessions, including personal instruction, Readings, Hands on Healing & Spiritual Counseling. We help people get the information & hands on experience they're looking for to really make the internal changes, which then manifest in the external world. We strive to bring the cream of the crop of healers, readers, teachers & talent to the general public. We are the cutting edge of Spiritual/Metaphysical companies! We serve as a resource for the awakening people of Planet Earth through information, events & community service! How May We Be Of Service? The Management of DTCP, Inc

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

DTCP holds all of its fucntions between 10am - 10pm 7 days a week. We offer events both private & public, in Sayville, NY & abroad on a sliding Scale.

Private Sessions in Sayville        

DTCP offers 1 on 1 sessions with many of our teachers, healers & readers by appointment in our Sayville Location.

You can receive:

Hands on Healing
Spiritual Counseling
Private Readings
Vibrational / Bach Flower Essence Consultations
Energy Balancing
Past Life Regression
and more services being included as we expand..

DTCP works with people deeply trained in their unique fields of practice.
Your next healing breakthrough is just a phone call or e-mail away.
Look at our classified Section on this page, or visit our own website at www.drawingthecircle.com for more information.

Our Online Store        

DTCP now serves its community with a line of products with a series of unique designs & logos. CafePress.com has allowed us to provide a wide variety of apparell, housewares & gear. Check out our store & help this community grow. http://www.cafepress.com/drawingcircle



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