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Eric Amberg



2035 Hogback Road, Ste 213
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
United States
T: (734) 677-0696
F: 677-0699


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Eric C. Amberg, Ph.D.


Specializing in individualized & personal care from age 3 to 103. Whether the problems are medical e.g. cancer, M.S., psychological,attention deficit or learning disabled,due to trauma, stroke or dementia, the need for accurate assessment is essential for appropriate treatment to be conducted. Treatment modalities may include: counselling, Bach Flowers, stress & pain managment,relaxation training & dream analysis. They are uniquely designed for rehabilitation or ideally for prevention & self enhancement. All interventions are tailor made for your specific issues.

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Philosophy and Comments        

To provide the best of care, treating all patients as if they were family.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Typically 9-5 Monday through Friday although special arrangements are possible.





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