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Dr. Homi Kaikobad



4120 Goldwater Blvd, Ste 213, 2nd Floor
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
United States
T: 1-888-878-7353
F: 480-481-0017


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Community Acupuncture Clinic


The Community Acupuncture Clinic serves individuals, groups and companies. We offer curative therapy for pain, acute and chronic conditions, allergies, insomnia, skin problems such as premature ageing and dry skin, sexual illnesses such as impotence, infertility, emotional problems such as anger and rage episodes, chronic depression, anxiety attacks and phobia; children's problems such as ADHD, Angry Child Syndrome, bedwetting. We also offer Preventive Health Maintainance with our once-a-month sessions. We offer copmpanies and corporations our Job-Stress Containment Protocol [Copyright] delivered on-site or in-clinic.

Profile and Credentials        

Dr. Holmes Keikobad MB BS DPH Retired DIP AC NCCAOM LIC AC AZ & CO, [aka Dr. Homi Kaikobad and Dr. K] is the senior member in the group, with a Diplomate in Acupuncture with a National Board Certification, and is a Licensed Acupuncturist with the State Boards in AZ and CO. He is the founder of the Deep Diagnosis by Design System, and the simple but powerfully effective Dr. Holmes Bi-Phasal Reinfoece-Reduce Protocol, all of which translate to a gentle, non-traumatic healing for patients.
Carol Andrade is a Ph D and a Licensed Acupuncturist and brings years of closeness with acupuncture. She is a professional writer-producer of video documentaries. One of her productions, a 15-hour video for recertification of acupuncturists, chiropracters and allied practitioners, can be see at www.acu-free.com
Vera Kaikobad Licensed Acupuncturist, brings the gentlest touch to the practice and works largely with women and children. The children love her system which maps healing areas on the hands which serve as homework for self-help. Her protocol with women is caring and gentle, which is welcome to this sensitive group of clients.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our main theme is offering a gentle intervention which is comfortable and relaxing to patients. We use very thin needles which by and large are hardly felt. We don't use any modality which is invasive or rough. Safety and effectivity are out twin goals. We wholly value and encourage patient-participation, so that every thing is open and amenable to discussion and dialogue.
We emphasize emotions as the prime cause of illness, such as the anger-induced migraine, and the stress-induced stomach acidity. In creating harmony we work to balance emotions and address the main issue for which help is sought. Our other main basis is prevention. We offer a special Monthly Protocol useful to keep people healthy and mend small problems before they become large.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our services are reasonbly priced and geared to serve the Community.
The standard rate for a 40 plus munutes session is $ 79.99.
The standard rate for a 60 minute plus Monthly Preventive Protocol session is $ 99.99.
If the matter is chronic or involved abd required more time the rate may increase, but always after the client has agreed.

Addiction Recovery        

Acupuncture has a proven track record in helping addiction recovery. We practice a gentle and effective protocol involving body and ear acupuncture which helps in recovering from substance abuse, smoking, alcohol addiction, and addictive eating disorders.

Continuing Education        

We offern a unique 15 CEUS course which is entirely video-based to acupuncturists, chiropractors, allied health professionals and medical doctors for recertification. It has been reviewed by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine [NCCAOM provider # ACHB 108001], and the California Workshop # CEP 386. The course is also accepted by MA, NM, AZ, AK and most states. It is professionally written and directed by Carol Andrade Ph. D., Lic. Ac. and has an exciting run-time of 15 hours, and comes with a detailed workbook, an easy quiz with which to grab 15 CEUS! The cost is a universal $ 299.00 for all 50 states and includes shipping, handling and taxes. For Canada and other countries, the cost remains the same but additional postage may apply.

Workshops for Holistic Practitioners        

We offer periodic workshops for acupuncturists, chiropracters and medical doctors, in clinical acupuncture modalities. Our most successful workshop is titled 'Deep Diagnosis by Design' and has found wide acceptance amongst professionals. Details of workshops can be had by calling toll-free 1.888.878.7353 or emailing Uranus1@earthlink.net.

Books for Holistic Practitioners        

We offer a wide selection of books for holistic practitioners which range from acupuncture modalities to bullying, school violence and rage and anger containment. Some succesful titles are:
The Bully Barometer - a workbook which helps assess bully beahvior in a graphic format and suggests remedial action. A must for schools, educational departments and parents who care.
The Student Aggression and Violence Estimator - a workbook which assess potential signs of aggression and violence and suggests remedial action. It is in a student friendly comic-book format, and is based on professional studies on school violence. A must for schools, educational departments and parents who care.
The 5-Shu Horary Point Locator - an expert chart which lists all 'open' points for use in acupuncture. No matter what the time of day, and which system which is ill, the chart helps find the most appropriate point for tonification or reduction. This is a must for all clinicians who work with acupuncture, shiatsu, acupressure or massage points.
More detailed list available at www.acu-free.com.

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