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Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN



4 Sunny Ridge Dr.
Asheville, NC 28804
United States
T: 828.645.7224
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Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CCN


Nationally known nutritionist Dr. Elizabeth Lipski provides holistic health education and counseling in nutrition, diet, digestion, vitamins, stress management, enzymes, and herbs. Author of Digestive Wellness, Digestive Wellness for Children, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and the Access to Health Experts ebooks, she speaks and consults nationally on diet and nutrition in integrative medicine and natural healing.

As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a PhD in Clinical Nutrition Liz consults, by phone, with clients and physicians throughout the world. In North Carolina she practices as a holistic health educator, and is available for personal consultations.

Visit the Services section of her website Innovative Healing for more information or contact her by phone.

Profile and Credentials        

PhD Clinical Nutrition

Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN)

More than 25 years of experience:

  • Consulting with clients and physicians worldwide

  • Author of:

  • Digestive Wellness

  • Digestive Wellness for Children

  • Leaky Gut Syndrome

  • The Access to Health Experts ebook series

  • Founder of:

  • Innovative Healing

  • Access to Health Experts

  • Free Weekly Health Tip

  • Philosophy and Comments        

    I work with each person individually and with respect to their own needs, goals, values, priorities and lifestyle. My work is based on scientific research blended with 25 years of clinical experience. I believe in the body's innate ability to heal and work to enhance that ability in each person I work with.

    Clinical Nutrition is a specialty in the field of nutrition. It focuses on maximizing your potential for wellness and vibrancy, improving quality of life, and prevention of disease. Poor life-style choices, genetics, and aging contribute to a weakening of our body’s systems. We can alter this process by making better choices about the foods we eat, improving our eating patterns, developing better coping skills, getting regular rest and exercise, and by using appropriate nutritional supplements,and herbs. A balanced program assists your body’s innate healing ability. Small changes in lifestyle can have a large impact on your energy levels and your total state of well-being.

    Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

    During your initial consultation, I will review your health goals, personal and family medical histories, your available laboratory tests, and three-day food diary. After a careful analysis I develop a nutritional 'picture' of your specific needs. We will discuss my impressions and how they relate to your health concerns. From our conversations, I will develop recommendations. My goal is to educate and guide you towards optimal health. I believe that people become motivated by learning more about themselves and feeling their body changing.

    Each client receives an individualized program based on their unique biochemical needs, lifestyle, and the science of nutrition. I will give you more extensive questionnaires which provide more detailed information and help me track your progress. We will work together to develop a program designed to maximize your health.

    I may refer you to your physician for specific laboratory tests, and am glad to work effectively as part of a health care team.

    For the current fee schedule visit the Services section of InnovativeHealing.com or contact me by phone

    Innovative Healing        

    Innovative Healing is one of the top ranked websites for nutrition information.

    Firmly based in the holistic health and integrative medicine traditions it offers:

  • Free teleseminars with the nations leading experts in integrative health and natural healing

  • Radio clips of Dr. Lipski’s many interviews

  • Health related articles

  • Reference links to web health resources

  • A bookstore with Dr. Lipski’s publications

  • Several high quality supplement shops

  • And much more

  • Access to Health Experts        

    Access To Health Experts is my subscription website offering access to the audio and written transcripts from my interviews with the nation’s top experts in integrative health and natural healing. Visit Access to Health Experts today and find out how you can benefit from some of today’s best healing minds.

    Free Weekly Health Tip        

    Are you willing to spend one minute a week on your health? One minute is all it takes to read my Free Weekly Health Tip. Each tip is designed to give practical health information that you can use right away at little or no cost.

    There is nothing to buy and you can unsubscribe at any time.

    It takes about 30 seconds to register, so visit Free Weekly Health Tip sign up now and I'll send you an e-mail each Tuesday with some truly useful information

    Free eBook - 52 Health Tips        

    Visit Innovative Healing. and receive a free ebook with the 52 health tips I published in 2005.

    There's nothing to buy, just enjoy!

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