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Dr. Amy Litteral



542 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803
United States
T: 828-277-5308
F: 828-277-5310


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Asheville Center for Chiropractic and Healing Arts


Welcome to the Asheville Center for Chiropractic & Healing Arts...

Our vision is to empower you with the ability and information you need to live a relaxed and healthy life. The way in which we accomplish this is by providing you with holistic health care in a spa setting to further enhance your experience. We offer gentle chiropractic care, Hatha yoga, Pilates, massage & bodywork, spa therapies, steam treatments, nuritional counceling, workshops, and a 100 Hour Pilates teacher training certification. We also have a bookstore and gift shop featuring an assortment of books, candles, yoga props, and spa products to support you in caring for health.

Profile and Credentials        

Dr. Amy Litteral, DC had her first spine surgery at the age of thirteen and realized that there must be alternatives to surgery and began her college education while a junior in high school. She then persued her baccalaureate degree at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio. She then moved to Houston, Texas and completed the chiropractic program at Texas Chiropractic College. While attending chiropractic college Amy also completed massage therapy training and became a massage therapist. While working with the Dean of Texas Chiropractic College, Amy was introduced to the benefits of yoga. By combing chiropractic adjustments and physical therapies, Dr. Amy is able to align your spine thereby decreasing nerve interference and allowing the body to function optimally. Amy then recommends massage and yoga programs to relax and lengthen the muscles that are contributing to your pain and disfunction. The combination of these sciences and healing arts provide a canvas whereby an individual program can be specifically created for you, to promote pain free health and mental well-being.

Philosophy and Comments        

As a Doctor of Chiropractic and a holistic health care practitioner, I take your entire being into consideration in order to formulate a treatment plan. I combine chiropractic, massage therapy, nutrition, homeopathy, herbalism, and biofeedback in order to get a complete understanding of your physical, emotional, and chemical constitution. I am currenlt working with a naturopath, and colon hydrotherapist to incorporate even more benefits to your health care plan. In order to obtain true health, it is imperitive that we educate ourselves and make positive changes in our lives. I will help you do just that.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Chiropractic hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am - 7pm.

Spa hours are Monday through Friday 9am - 7pm and Saturday 10am - 4pm, closed Sundays.

Yoga and Pilates schedules are available by request.

Leah Wecksler        

Leah Wecksler is our Premier Pilates instructor. She received her BA from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. A dancer herself, Leah first became interested in Pilates as it applied to dance technique, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Her Pilates training began in 1995 with Steve Giordano after which she apprenticed for a year and became an instructor at The Movement Science Studio in Boulder, CO. In 1999, Leah furthered her study and received The Pilates Center of Boulder's Teacher Certification where she continued to teach until 2005. Leah is committed to the classical Pilates model and has a deep level of insight understanding human movement patterns and potential. Her skillful instruction inspires and directs her clients, allowong them to be responsible and empowered in regards to their own health and well-being. Leah is happy to be in Asheville and excited to be part of your fitness, rehabilitation, pain management, and overall health through the Pilates Method.

Mat Pilates is cuurently offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm beginning September 19th. Drop-in for $13. Class ackages also available.

Dr. Jane Smolnick, ND        

Dr. Jane Smolnick, ND received her doctorate in Natural medicine at Trinity Colooge of Natural Health, is board certified in Holistic Iridology, a graduate and associate teacher at the International Institute of Iridology, and is vice president of the American College of Iridology. She is also a graduate of the Stillpoint Institute of Advanced Energy Healing and Intuitive Diagnosis, is a certified Intuitive Healer, "Spiritual Therapist" and an ordained Interfaith Minister. Jane has been a licensed Avatar Master and course trainer for many years, and is also skilled in Contact Reflex Analysis, meridian kinesiology.

Tammy Scarbrough, LBMT # 4882        

Tammy has had a deep interest in the mind-body connection since childhood when she began racing competitively and discovered the benefits of both massage therapy and imagery in sports performance. She has her Masters degree in Psychology as well as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist. Tammy practices a wide variety of bodywork and energy therapies, including swedish/relaxation massage, lomi-lomi hawaiian massage, thai-yoga massage, neuromuscular/deep tissue medical massage, sports massage, spa therapies, reiki, and noetic field therapy. Tammy adapts her work excellently to meet the specific needs of each individual. She recognizes that no two people are alike and thus tailored to meet the individual where they are. Her massage and bodywork ranges from deep and specific to nurturing, gentle and intuitive.

Brian Hoke, LMBT #5097        

Brian' aim is to help people help themselves. "I want to be a catalyst toward health and healing, coordinating with my clients a renewed sense of well-being and balance. I accomplish this be offering Swedish, Neuromuscular, and Sports massage techniques, but most importantly through presence and compassion to meet each client where they are. I create an opportunity to devote attention to the needs at hand." ~ Brian Hoke

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