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Deborah Saunders



25118 108th Ave #
Graham, WA 98338
United States
T: 253-875-6520


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Deborah Saunders, Integrated Kabbalistic Healing Practitioner & SoulExpressionsDialogue Facilitator


The foundation of my healing practice, which I call A Soul Connection, is spirituality, psychology, and quantum physics. Within an Integrated Kabbalistic Healing session, I work with the client using wisdom and understanding from Kabbalah, an ancient mystical tradition. Within a Soul Expressions Dialogue session, I work with the client using a synthesis of Voice and Body Dialogue along with a Buddhist-centered process called Big Mind. As the curriculum designer and facilitator for Self-discovery Classes Etc., the material I develop for groups offers participants the opportunity to become more conscious about who they are, why certain things push their buttons, and how to live more authentically in the world.

Profile and Credentials        

Body Dialogue II Facilitators Training/Certification with Judith Tamar Stone (Apr 2006)

Big Mind On-going training with Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel, Roshi. Authorization for integrating Big Mind into healing practice (Nov 2005).

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing graduate from 3-year school (Jun 2003), A Society of Souls, with founder/teacher Jinen Jason Shulman. Completed 2-years advanced work with him after graduation (2003-2005).

Twenty-seven years experience in teaching, counseling and guidance with Federal Government agencies.

Philosophy and Comments        

Those who seek out guidance and healing through A Soul Connection work need help moving forward in life. Oftentimes moving forward means first recognizing where they are and their authentic feelings around this place.

They're wanting someone who can meet them exactly where they are in life without feeling judged or criticized. They need someone who can see them for whom they truly are, their very presciousness. And, they want someone to help them see this in themselves. Those who do A Soul Connection work, whether through Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, Soul Expressions Dialogue, or Self-discovery Classes Etc., show great courage and determination to free themselves from life-patterns of unhappiness, imprisonment, powerlessness. In other words, they are ripe for their own freedom.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday thru Thursday: 9 am - 6:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Phone sessions: same time/schedule as indicated above

Fee: $85/1.5 hr session

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing (IKH)        

IKH is both a healing modality AND a mode of living consciously & in alignment with one's True Nature.

As a healing modality, it works multi-dimensionally with all Kabbalistic levels of the soul. Kabbalistic healing works with the spiritual anatomy of the whole person -- the fundamental relationships between mind, body and soul.

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing helps the client not only see repeated life-patterns, but also helps with finding and healing the root-cause.

IKH is an excellent long-distance telephone healing modality. In fact, fifty-percent of my client-base is long-distance.

Soul Expressions Dialogue        

Soul Expressions Dialogue uses a process of dialoguing with aspects of the Self/Soul including all four quadrants: body, mind, soul, and emotions. Inspired by the dialogue process work of (1) Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves?, (2) Body Dialogue?, and (3) Big Mind?, I synthesized all three with soul and emotions to express soul-levels.

This wonderful synthesis of dialogue processes work collaboratively with the small self (Ego) in such a way that it (Ego) not only does not feel threatened, but it (Ego) actually helps us do the work. A beautiful result of working "with" the Ego is that as we become more conscious human beings and integrate all the many selves within our Self/Soul, the Ego also becomes more conscious.

Self-discovery Classes Etc.        

A Soul Connection Self-Discovery Classes are uniquely designed to guide the group through an expanded territory that embraces and includes the individuality of the Relative (duality) as well as the Oneness of the Absolute (non-duality) .

The material presented in each class is crafted specifically to help participants realize their potential and an expanded awareness about who they are, why certain things push their buttons, and how to live more authentically in the world.

Any class easily converts into a workshop and/or a retreat. These classes are also offered as tele-classes providing nationwide teaching, demonstration, and practice via telephone bridge-line.

For more information about bringing Self-discovery Classes Etc. to your area, contact me at 253-875-6520 or deborah@asoulconnection.com.


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