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Diane Roach



440 Montford Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801
United States
T: 828 622-7583


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Reverend Diane Roach - Samasti Healing Center


SOUL FOCUSED HEALING - Multi-Dimensional - Multi-Modality - Uniquely individualized for you. WHO CAN BENEFIT: *Anyone who has experienced a physical, emotional or mental trauma. *Anyone looking for the causal level of why they are stuck in their lives either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. *Anyone wanting preventive and/or complimentary care. * Pre and post operative patients and people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. *Anyone desiring to awaken spiritually and feel a deeper connection with the divine. Also, please visit my other website www.storesonline.com/site/magnetictherapyworks for quality magnetic therapy products that also help provide for your healthcare needs.

Profile and Credentials        

SOUL FOCUSED HEALING - Multi-Dimensional - Multi-Modality Uniquely Individualized for You Using specially blended formulas of ESSENTIAL OILS to enhance your healing experience. I am an ordained ONTOLOGICAL MINISTER and have over 28 years of spiritual counseling experience. I am also a Polarity Therapist, an Esoteric Healer, an Advanced Energy Healer, and a Surya Practitioner. I also can help reconnect you through AXIATONAL HEALINGS & AXIATONAL ALIGNMENTS.

Philosophy and Comments        

Your body has a beautifully designed self-correcting mechanism. When you cut your finger your body innately knows how to heal. You can assist the process by cleaning the cut and so forth. I help assist you on all levels of your being (physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual). I work both hands on and off your body increasing the smooth flow of healing energy on all levels of your being. Through the years I have helped people with such rare and debilitating conditions such as Reflex Dystrophy Syndrome to the more common hormonal problems associated with thyroid or menopause. I counsel many people in need of a caring and empathetic heart to listen to them. YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH THE GIFT OF LIFE - MAY IT BE AS JOYOUS, HEALTHY AND HAPPY AS POSSIBLE.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

SAMASATI HEALING CENTER 1 hour sessions - $55.00 1 1/2 hour sessions - $75.00 AXIATONAL ALIGNMENTS - $333.00 (includes one axiatonal healing and a two session alignment)





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