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Bill Gallagher



202 West 88th St Suite ONE
New York City, NY 10024
United States
T: 212 781-2626
F: 212 781-2626


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Bill Gallagher PT, CMT, CYT


Director, Bill Gallagher PT, CMT, CYT, has developed a uniquely integrative approach to help people suffering from pain and disability. By integrating the Physical Therapy traditions of the East (Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Tuina) with cutting edge therapies of the West (Biofeedback, Myofascial Release), Bill helps his clients maximize function & minimize pain. Through meditation instruction, guided imagery, biofeedback & other disciplines that work with the Mind-Body-Spirit, clients are further empowered to optimize function & comfort while reducing suffering.

Bill is recognized as an authority on Integrative/Mind Body/Complementary rehabilitation & teaches his visionary synthesis to both practicing rehab specialists & at several Physical Therapy schools including Columbia University.

Profile and Credentials        

„« Licensed Physical Therapist
„« Certified Massage Therapist
„« Certified Yoga Teacher
„« Director of East West Rehab Institute
„« Advanced Clinician in Integrative Rehab at Mount Sinai Medical Center
„« Instructor in Clinical Physical Therapy at Columbia University

1) Master's Degree in Physical Therapy (Columbia University)
2) Certified Yoga Teacher (Integral Yoga)
3) Certified Massage Therapist (Body Arts Institute)
4) Qigong, Taijiquan and other Internal Martial Arts (Lin Yin Academy Hanzhou China, Study with Numerous Masters in China, San Francisco, and New York)

Philosophy and Comments        

The East West Rehab Institute is committed to the seamless integration of Eastern and Western therapies into rehabilitation. The Institute offers both continuing education for rehab professional and Integrative Physical Therapy for a broad spectrum of clients including elite performers and people with severe disabilities.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays

Home Visits Available

Intial 90 Minute Session : $200.00

Follow up sessions (1 hr): $140.00





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