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Institute of Complementary Therapies

Elizabeth Hammond


Honolulu, HI 96816
United States
T: 808 392 5272


The Institute of Complementary Therapies offers private sessions and Craniosacral Biodynamics 700-hour practitioner course.

The opportunity for a successful complementary medicine practice is rapidly growing. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, people are choosing alternative therapies over and incongruence with conventional medicine.

Successful completion of our Craniosacral Biodynamic professional practitioner program opens the door to many career opportunities, as well as providing a meaningful, compassionate livelihood and lifestyle of service.

Profile and Credentials        

The Institute of Complementary Therapies founded in 1989 by Elizabeth Hammond, offers curriculum and certification in the subtle healing arts. Craniosacral Biodynamic, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, and WellSpring Practitioner trainings are tailored to both beginning and experienced health practitioners.

Since its inception, the ICT's mission is to provide quality education to students from all walks of life whose common goal is well-being of self and others and personal growth. ICT enrolls students without regard to race, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin. The wide range of students brings to the learning community a variety of cultural backgrounds and beliefs, as well as a range of ages.

The ICT trainings are designed to layer sequential information creating a skill foundation applicable to various specific techniques. The students varied innate learning styles are accommodated. The course material is presented through: lecture, audiovisual aids, anatomical models, demonstrations, experiential participation. Individual, small and large group feedback and reflection, small group tutorials and observation of demonstration sessions, and discussion enriches the transfer of information and the stimulates ease of learning.

The ICT practitioner courses provide trained, skilled practitioner; an in-depth study of the human system, its anatomy and physiology and the energetic processes that determine its form, nature, well-being, and evolution; and an understanding and practice of the synthesis of traditional and evolved approaches and the more recent contributions from related fields.

The practitioner course is open to alternative and traditional practitioners. For more information please email: ICTeducate@aol.com

Philosophy and Comments        

The ICT challenges students to authentically know themselves so they may see and understand others. Mindfulness practices are the heart of this process.

From a state of mindfulness, our natural inherent health can arise and expand. We then are available to serve in the healing process of others.

Mindfulness meditation practices are a major element in the ICT curriculum.

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