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Rita Bohn



1716A North Main St. Box 333
Longmont,, CO 80501
United States
T: 303-717-3528


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Empowerment Center of Colorado


The Empowerment Center of Colorado provides classes, discussion groups, guest speakers, and techniques to enhance your life and nourish your spirit. We invite you to explore both ancient teachings and emerging ideas for inner peace and wholeness.

Profile and Credentials        

The Empowerment Center is a collection of individuals who were drawn together by the belief that we all make a difference. The common theme is respect, personal and professional responsibility and the honoring of each other as individuals. Some at the center are somewhat new to this work and others have been doing it for decades. The paths that we have traveled are diverse. The knowledge we have gleaned throughout this lifetime and many others have helped to make us who we are, as well as helped us to find one another. Our talents are many and are as unique as we are.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our personal spiritual paths are as varied and diverse as we are. We recognize the truth, that each individual must find their own way and that truth is, as individual as each of us. As an organization we do not support a single and specific spiritual doctrine as each of us follows our own path. The Empowerment Center is a Dogma-free environment and we realize that only from this place can the individual truly find enlightenment.

We recognize and honor what each of us brings to the whole and we are made stronger for it. We strive to make the world a better place than we found it by constantly working on self improvement and honoring the simple truth, that when working for the highest good all paths hold truth. Because we come from different paths and have such unique abilities and because we honor the individual in this journey, we have more tools to enrich our lives and those of others. We offer more to those seeking answers or healing for they will find the teacher/ healer that is best for them. As Healers and Teachers, we do believe in an abundant universe and that there is plenty for all. For we have found that fear and jealousy are the great destroyers of the soul.

Like the Lighthouse that shines from shore helping ships to find their way in the dark of night, the Empowerment Center of Colorado reflects what the light house represents, a beacon to others on their path and an honoring of the light that shines within each of us.

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