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Maureen Kelley



Natick, MA 01760
United States
T: 508-655-2257




Chinese Energetic Healing


Healing does not have to take time. Chinese Energetic Healing is a healing system that is fast, easy and without side effects. You can achieve successful results in the relief of pain and chronic ailments, sometimes in just minutes. If you were told "you just have to learn to live with it", know that that statement does not have to be true for you. Let Chinese Energetic Healing help you feel better, faster with its gentle ways. Resolve health and emotional issues, financial and family/relationship problems easily. Sessions are in person, over the phone or done remotely. No physical contact is required. The energy is tranmsitted across time and space, and quickly and easily removes the blocks and dimensional influences that are causing your pain. Symptom relief is often immediate. It's the perfect healing system: it doesn't require time, your belief or participation in it or anything beyond your need and desire to get well. Try CEH - I can schedule a complimentary 30-minute session for you at your convenience. See what it's like to be free of that nagging pain, physical or emotional block and feel like you again.

This technique is equally effective for pets. I use it on my own geriatric cat. As a volunteer at Winslow Farms, a sanctuary for abused and neglected animals, in Norton, MA, I have done extensive work on many of the animals there. My most successful story from the farm is the story of Moses, a 17-year old goat. In June 2004, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and given only a short time to live. When I arrived at the farm that day, Moses was curled up in a corner of the barnyard, unable to move and with no appetite. I worked on him 3 or 4 different times on one day and when I left, he was up and around and eating again. I checked on him frequently over the summer and found his energy to be strong. I went back to the farm in October and was met at the gate by Debi, the owner. When I asked about Moses, she responded "Even the vet says it's a miracle!" It took me all day to track him down and when I did, he came right up to me, almost as if he recognized me. Then he leaned over and let me pat him. He had gained weight, his heart was strong and his lungs were doing well. I checked him all over, made some corrections for him and left him for the season. Almost a year later, he is still doing well.
Although I cannot keep Moses from passing on, I can keep him comfortable, I can keep him free from pain and I can extend his life as much as possible. Moses continues to do well.

Profile and Credentials        

I am an Advanced Practitioner of the Yuen Method with four years experience, having been taught by its developer, Dr. Kam Yuen. I have completed all levels of training in the Yuen Method. I am also certified in Thought Field Therapy,(TFT)as developed by Dr. Roger Callahan and have recently been certified in Magnified Healing. (Magnified Healing does require some physical contact, but it is confined to the knees and feet.) I also use AFT (Affector Field Technique), as developed by Dr. Kurt Ebert. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have always believed there is a better way than traditional Western medicine's method of treating symptoms, which is limited and often creates even worse problems, looking far and near for that "something". I have always believed that when a doctor says "there is nothing we can do", that there is ALWAYS something we can do; the doctor just doesn't know what it is. That something is Chinese Energetic Healing, an incredibly powerful, but easy technique. Since the Universe wants you to be well and happy, you can help yourself with this method. Free yourself from the shackles of unnecessary pain or chronic illness with the miracle of this healing system. It is your birthright to be well, healthy and free of the burdens and limitations we have come to expect from this life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hours are flexible, in order to accommodate busy schedules. I am available nights and weekends. My fee is $150 per hour. Call or e-mail for a complimentary, no obligation, 30-minute session. See for yourself what the most powerful healing method can do. See for yourself how much better you can feel, in the easiest way possible. Let the healing begin!


"I had been seeing a chiropractor for my shoulder but had not experienced any relief. Maureen began working on it and almost immediately, there was a loud, popping noise - and the pain and stiffness were gone! I did not have to return to the chiropractor." - Debbie R., Technical Writer


"Two months afater a life-saving liver transplant, I found a large tumor in my left thigh. Maureen began work on the growth and it started to shrink immediately. Within a week, all that was left was a small, pea-sized bump. And now, it's gone completely." - Cheryl C. - Hospital Administrator


"Maureen is able to focus on specific issues and their causes. She has helped me better see the connection between body, mind and spirit. As a result, Maureen has helped me to sleep better, removed back pain and helped me with career and family issues." - Pauine P., Hypnotist/Dowser


Here's what Debi had to say about my work at Winslow Farm:

"Winslow Farm is fortunate to have Maureen Kelley help identify and help to clear energy blocks in our rescued farm animals. Take Moses for example - our 17-year-old Jersey Toggenberg goat was very ill and not given too much longer to live, according to our veterinarian. Maureen worked on Moses for quite a while. Moses is still with us and it has been over a year now. Maureen occasionally works with him when I ask her to, from a distance. We also have Wilbur, our Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, who had some digestive issues. Maureen identified where his problem was in his colon and also performed her Chinese Energetic Healing with great success. Tootie, another pot-bellied pig, was feeling ill and lethargic. Maureen was able to work on issues both emotionally and physically. We are very fortunate to have found Maureen and she is a great asset to the welfare of our animals at Winslow Farm." - Debi White, owner, Winslow Farm

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