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207 Westview Ave.
Columbus, OH 43214
United States
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Feminine Options


Feminine Options offers our Comfort Curves™ washable cloth menstrual pads in organic cotton and cotton prints. Our leakproof Comfort Curves™ design offers a unique, original style for better comfort, fit, and use. We also offer the DivaCup re-usable menstrual cup; Oxy-Boost cleaner; the Fertility Tracker; Lunar Phase Chart; herbal and essential oil soaps, salves, tinctures, and perfumes; and books; with more products for your natural lifestyle coming.

Profile and Credentials        

Feminine Options was started in 1992 in response to a need for menstrual products which weren't chemically saturated. It has since served many women who have come to choose washable menstrual pads over other menstrual products for a variety of reasons. We are available for speaking engagements for interested groups such as groups pertaining to young women's Coming-of-Age or women's health.

Philosophy and Comments        

Feminine Options seeks to offer women a healthy and economic alternative to single-use menstrual products. We also wish to help empower women by offering information about the effects their consumer choices can have on big business (such as pulp mills which still use chlorine bleaching processes) and on the environment (using reusable products instead of "disposable" products which really aren't biodegradable), and on their personal health (using products that aren't processed with dioxin-producing compounds, and which don't contain chemicals which have been linked with reproductive disorders, cancers, birth defects, and immune deficiencies). We believe that in addition to the positive effect using washable menstrual pads has economically and environmentally, there can be a wholistic positive effect on women as they learn to trust and reconnect with their bodies and look at conventioanlly-held menstrual taboos in another light. In this way, the health benefits of using washable menstrual pads can go beyond physical health.

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