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Patricia Karnowski M.S.O. M.



One H Street #309
San Rafael, CA 94901
United States
T: 415-456-7379


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A Natural Infertility Solution


An Herbal Medicine practice completely devoted to treating infertility.

I have extensive experience using Chinese herbal formulas alone and as a complement to western medical intervention. I have seen these comprehensive individualized formulas successfully effect a wide array of fertility disorders in both men and women. I create custom herbal formulas for infertility patients based on extensive personal office or phone interviews. Herbs are delivered nationwide.

Profile and Credentials        


Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (New York)

Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine, which includes Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Eastern Nutrition, Qi Gong, Tui Na, A form of Chinese therapeutic massage. (2000)

University of Michigan

Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology (1979)

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Bachelors Degree in Professional Sciences, which includes Oriental Medicine and Western Biosciences (2000)

Eastern Michigan University

Bachelors of Arts Degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies (1976)

Professional Experience:

I work in the office of Dr. Hanna Jesionowska, a Gynecologist with a specialty in infertility and reproductive endocrinology. I used acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat the infertility patients most of who were undergoing assisted reproductive technologies (ART). (2000-2003)

Private Oriental Medicine Practice specializing in the treatment of Infertility in both men and women. 90% of my patients are women 35 years and older and many are currently being treated with assisted reproductive technologies or have used it in the past. Often thisis the last effort before adoption or donor egg (1998- Present)

Private Psychotherapy Practice, New York, New York. I practiced Jungian based traditional psychotherapy treating primarily women. (1993- 2003)

Licenses and Certifications:

New York State Acupuncture Licenses

National Board Certified Diplomat of Acupuncture

National Board Certified in Herbal Medicine

Connecticut State License

State of Michigan Acupuncture License

Membership and Associations

The American Association of Oriental Medicine

American Infertility Association

Acupuncture Society of New York

Michigan Association of Acupuncture

New York C G Jung Society

National Acupuncture Alliance

Philosophy and Comments        

Chinese herbal fertility formulas are an ancient method for this modern time. At least 3000 years of continuous use by millions of women & men is a true test of their effectiveness.

Working with Patricia Karnowski M.S.O.M. you receive individual and personal attention from a highly trained herbalist with masters degrees in both Oriental medicine and psychology.

Fertility Formulas are individual custom made Chinese herbal formulas which correct imbalances to improve fertility naturally in both men & women.

You will also receive as much or as little emotional support as you need through this sometimes lengthy process. This is the secret ingredient only offered here at Fertility Formulas.

Your city, schedule or lifestyle doesn't prohibit us from working together. I don't care if you live in Atlanta or Los Angeles. You now have an effective option.

Your personal acupuncturist, herbalist and therapist who specializes in addressing fertility disorders is accessible to you no matter where you live. A comprehensive telephone or office consultation and a personalized herbal plan designed specifically to significantly increase your chances of conceiving is now available for you.

Maybe for the first time your Heart and Soul will also be cared for and attended to on this journey.

Custom herbal formulas address the following conditions in women:

Hormone imbalances

Anovulation (not ovulating)

Luteal phase defect

Amenorrhea (no menstrual period)

Unexplained infertility (idiopathic)


Polycystic ovaries

Tubal obstruction (minimum obstruction)

Uterine fibroids

Advanced maternal age

Recurrent miscarriage

Immunologic infertility

Improving the outcome of ART procedures

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Menopause symptoms

Custom herbal formulas address the following conditions in men:


Pre-mature ejaculation

Low sperm motility

Low sperm speed

Low sperm count

Low concentration

Poor sperm morphology

Please check out my website for more details but I am always open and willing to talk to you on the phone to answer questions.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

1. Telephone or Office Consultations: $150.00 (A One Time Fee)

A comprehensive telephone or office consultation and personalized herbal plan designed specifically to significantly increase your chances of conceiving. Please note: The first consultation can last up to an hour followed by a monthly half hour call to review your progress and modify your formula until you are pregnant.

You are also free to call or email as often as you feel the need for emotional support or guidence.

note: Informational phone calls are always welcome and of course completely free.

2. Custom Made Chinese Herbal Formulas: $150-$300 month

(The cost depends on the herbs that are need in the formula.)

Shipped via UPS.

3. Stork Brand Manufactured Herbal Formulas: $45-$90 month

4. On-Going Emotional Support: $95 hour

Scheduled 50 Minute private phone or office consultations for emotional support through a stressful period.


Chinese herbs are used in the U.S. as traditional foods and not as drugs. As such, there has been no formal testing of either the safety or efficacy of any of the individual herbs or formulas. The Chinese have had long experience using these herbs; from all informal reports and clinical studies, the Chinese claim that the herbs are not only safe to use, but that healthy children are usually born without any problems during delivery. The Chinese herbs that are used in the U.S. are not overtly toxic, but there are a few possible adverse reactions which are rare and can usually be avoided by slight adjustment in formulation or method of administration. These reactions may include dizziness or headache, dry mouth, nausea, flatulence, or change in bowel conditions. If such reactions are not resolved naturally within about three days or if they are severe, I can make an appropriate adjustment. In any case, by discontinuing use of the herbs, any of these reactions will disappear promptly. Allergic reactions to herbs are rare, but if a person suffers from “environmental allergy syndrome,” then the herbs can also cause the same reactions as other materials encountered in the normal environment.

MACHANISM OF ACTION (How Herbs Work)        

The mechanism of action of the herbs is not known precisely, and undoubtedly varies according to the type of infertility problem being treated and the herb formula that is used. The traditional Chinese views are that infertility tends to arise from one or more of three prominent causes:1. A “deficiency” syndrome prevents the hormonal system from properly influencing the sexual and reproductive functions. This is said to be a weakness of the “kidney and liver” which may influence various body functions producing symptoms such as frequent urination, weakness and aching of the back and legs, impotence, irregular menstruation, and difficulties with regulation of body temperature. Deficiency syndromes are treated with tonic herbs that are said to nourish qi (e.g., ginseng, codonopsis, atractylodes, astragalus), blood (e.g., tang-kuei, peony, ho-shou-wu, gelatin), yin (e.g., lycium fruit, ligustrum, eclipta, ophiopogon), or yang (e.g., epimedium, cistanche, cuscuta, eucommia), and are selected according to the overall evaluation of symptoms.2. A “stagnancy” syndrome prevents the sexual and reproductive organs from functioning despite normal hormone levels and normal ability to respond to hormones. This is said to involve a stagnancy of “qi and blood,” which has the impact of restricting circulation to the tissues involved. Qi stagnation is often noted by tense muscles, restrained anger, and digestive disorders; herbs for resolving the stagnancy include bupleurum, cyperus, lindera, and various citrus products. Other symptoms that might arise include abdominal pain or bloating, chronic inflammation, and formation of lumps (including cysts and tumors). Blood stagnation often occurs following childbirth, surgery, injury, or severe infection and is typically noted when there is severe pain (such as dysmenorrhea), or hard swellings and obstructions; abnormal cell growth, including dysplasia and cancer, are thought to involve blood stagnation. Herbs such as salvia, red peony, persica, and carthamus may be used.3. A “heat” syndrome, which causes the affected organs to function abnormally. Heat syndromes may be associated with an infection or inflammatory process. This type of syndrome can produce abnormal semen quality leading to male infertility, while gynecologic infections can maintain female infertility by blocking the passages, altering the mucous membrane conditions, or influencing the local temperature. Herbs that inhibit infections and reduce inflammation are used, including gardenia, phellodendron, patrinia, and lonicera.In each case, the purpose of the Chinese herbs is to rectify the underlying imbalance to restore normal functions. Western medicine can diagnose tubal blockage (which usually corresponds to blood stagnancy in Chinese medicine) and infection (which corresponds to heat syndromes of Chinese medicine) and in many cases can successfully treat these causes of infertility. However, Western medicine often fails to diagnose deficiency syndromes and most of the stagnancy syndromes. Therefore, the majority of Chinese herb formulas to be applied in the U.S. are those that counteract the deficiency (called tonics) and those that resolve the stagnancy (called regulators). A description of Chinese herb formulas used for infertility is presented in the appendix to Chinese Herbology, a training manual produced by the Institute for Traditional Medicine.The hormonal effects of Chinese herbs used to treat impotence and infertility and to prevent miscarriage have been demonstrated in laboratory experiments. For example, the laboratory evaluation of Huanjing Decoction (composed of rehmannia, ho-shou-wu, ligustrum, morus fruit, achyranthes, dipsacus, cynomorium, astragalus seed, and cuscuta) was administered to senile mice for four months, two weeks treatment, one week break. Estradiol and dihydrotestosterone receptors in the nucleus of thymic cells were decreased to levels found in young mice; cytosol estradiol receptors increased. Also, the formula influenced the immune system: it increased thymus weight, thymic index, and prevented atrophic changes in the ultrastructures of thymic lymphocytes and epithelial reticular cells.


In China, the combined use of modern drugs or other Western medical techniques along with Chinese herbs is not uncommon; some doctors are trained in both methods, and Western and traditional doctors often work together in Chinese clinics and hospitals. When the modern methods are applied, the herb therapies do not usually need to be altered compared to cases where the herbs are used alone. Most of the cases of infertility successfully treated in China do not rely on techniques such as in vitro fertilization, which are quite expensive and have only a modest rate of success in the U.S. where the modern fertilization methods are most highly developed.I have worked with many women who were is the process of IVF and we used the herbs to deal with the side effects of the medications used during the IVF cyle. NO HERBS ARE TO BE TAKEN WHILE TAKING LUPRONE AS IT COULD CAUSE EFFECTS THAT ARE NOT EFFECTIVE FOR THE REPRODUCTIVE PROCESS.


It is not advisable to suggest that something simply cannot be accomplished in the field of health care (because there are almost always exceptions), but there are some areas where chances of success are considered quite low. Some women suffer from amenorrhea that is associated with a very low body fat content. This is apparently exacerbated by strenuous exercise (e.g., distance running). Changes in diet and exercise may be necessary before Chinese herbs or other therapeutic methods can be effective. In a few cases, a woman’s immune system will attack her husband’s sperm and thus make fertilization virtually impossible; this can not be overcome with Chinese herbs. People who are under very high levels of stress or who have multiple health problems may need to have these things addressed—partly with use of Chinese herbs—before a reasonably high chance of success can be expected in the specific treatment of infertility.

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