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Katelyn Lord



2375 NW Thurman St
Portland, OR United States
T: (503) 222-5658
F: (503) 227-5140


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Food Front Cooperative Grocery


Food Front Cooperative Grocery is a full service natural and organic foods grocery store. We have the best selection of organic produce in town, and have many vegan and vegetarian grocery items. We carry no-cruelty body care items, an extensive selection of herbs, supplements and homeopathic products. Food Front is located in NW Portland, on NW 24th and Thurman. Please feel free to call (503) 222-5658 if you have any further questions.

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Food Front is a consumer cooperative, helping to build a strong local economy and vibrant community by selling wholesome food and empowering people. We are owned by the people who live in our community, and invite everyone to shop the co-op - members make the store possible, but all are welcome!

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