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Cheryl Henderson-Khalid



Bushkill, PA 18324
United States
T: (866) 595-1707 x1154
F: 888 548 6662




Cheryl Henderson


Vision for Life International is proud to introduce a revolutionary nutrition system for every member of your family -The Foundations Essentials Complete Health System. In consultation with nutraceutical experts, along with our Board of Doctors, we've developed three revolutionay, exclusive formulations made from the very best the earth has to offer. Discover the Power of Three. Three ounces, once a day, for robust good health.

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At Vision For Life International we believe in helping people discover they were created to enjoy. By emphasizing the foundation of health, wealth, emotional well-being and spiritual growth, we encourage a healthy balance in every area of your life, enabling you to achieve more thatn you ever dreamed possible. All of this is within your grasp for a small out-of-pocket investment of $25, increase your income, keep your overhead low and reap amazing tax benefits, all from the comfort of your own home.

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