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Gail Minogue



137 N. Larchmont Blvd. #611
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Gail Minogue


Each of us has our own unique plan. It was created by you before birth and contains important information to assist you in reaching your destiny. This information is hidden in your name and date of birth. I specialize in helping you gain clarity in relationships, choose the best profession and know your personal timeframes. You are on your own timeframe--not anyone else's. We begin our most effective years after the age of 50.

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Author and lecturer Gail Minogue helps people achieve insight into their life purpose, helps them embrace change and become master builders of their lives. Numerous individuals have experienced remarkable results from her extraordinary approach. Gail has spent over twenty years studying Mystery School information including Sacred Geometry, Astrology and Hermetic Laws. With her unique background in the financial areas as a Commodities Broker for 17 years and a Managing Director in the Far East for a Swiss textile firm, Gail is no stranger to managing the ups and downs of life and its ever-changing cycles. During this time and with the help of enlightened teachers, vast libraries and soul-searching experiences, she learned the Universal Laws dealing with Order. All of her studies add an inner dimension to her outstanding ability to facilitate personal growth. This highly specialized combination of practical "real world" experience and holistic inner teachings allows Gail to bridge the two worlds. She is dedicated to helping people recognize their true value, maximize their talents and skills, experience healthy relationships and work with their own timing of events. Gail travels worldwide with her workshops, lectures and guest appearances. She is the author of her newly released book "Divine Design-How You Created The Life You Are Living."

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Numerology is based on the belief that you have come into this lifetime with a specific name and a specific birth date that you yourself, chose before being born. Within these two, the date and name, you are given the clues to discover what your soul has chosen for its destiny and karmic corrections during this present incarnation.

Through Numerology you are given a window that sheds light on the talents and abilities you possess. The obstacles you must overcome, the careers you are best suited for, and the improvements you should make. You have the opportunity to learn about your personal relationship with others and thus greatly enhance your understanding. Most important, you can learn what forces rule you and where your greatest potential resides.

Your personal year and month are the vibrations that affect your life for any given period. They tell you what are the most auspicious times for certain activities and what times may prove to be extremely difficult at best. When you are aware of these monthly and yearly influences, you will become more successful and happier by avoiding disappointment and frustration. You can look into the future and begin to acquire the disciplines you will need at that time.When you are aware of your timeframe, you can start to create the situations that will work best for you and incorporate them in your life BEFORE they are really needed, almost as if you are setting things up for their proper time. You have the opportunity to consider how best to use your "Now-Time" by creating "Future-Time" much to your advantage.

Based on your birth name along with your date of birth, you will receive a comprehensive, taped analysis of the following: * Your Ideal Path * Your Karmic Connections * Your Love Relationships * Your Personality * Your Hidden Motivations * Your Timeframe for Events * Ideal Numbers for Home and Office



Your talk made our dowsers meeting the best. Thank you for coming and bringing your book. I have to tell you that I think the way you wrote Divine Design is a simple, joyful, exciting way of learning how to imprint on your Soul. I have not been able to put the book down. It makes me say "aha" a lot and want to share it with my friends.—Margie M., Tucson, AZ

I can't believe how almost EXACTLY on target my numbers came out with everything. It helped me to realize that I've been right about the "feelings" I've had lately.—Suzanne G. Beverly Hills, CA

I am a 69-year old man who came to your talk at Open Secret in San Rafael. After walking out on three speakers there in two weeks, I feel it fortunate that I stayed that evening…..I have said that your book should be required study in grade school before we screw up. It is very helpful.—Gordon B., San Rafael, CA


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