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Gemisphere Therapeutic Gemstones


Gemisphere provides the highest quality therapeutic gemstones in the world. Only those gemstones that meet the highest standards of quality are used allowing our necklaces to radiate life force with great power. In his book Gemisphere Luminary, Michael Katz details his of account of conversations with the Gemstone Guardians, inner-world beings responsible for fulfilling the purpose and maintaining the effects of gemstones everywhere. Gemisphere therapeutic quality gemstones are amazingly effective tools for transformation and healing. Visit Gemisphere.com or call us to take advantage of our $20 or 10% off your first order coupon (except our monthly sales items that are already 20% off)!

Profile and Credentials        

Gemisphere is committed to helping establish the Gemstone Guardians’ new standards for therapeutic gemstone quality. The Gemstone Guardian’s Seal assures you that each necklace we sell meets the Gemstone Guardians’ stringent criteria for therapeutic quality.

Philosophy and Comments        

We travel the world to seek out the finest therapeutic quality gemstones, and, whenever possible, obtain our raw material directly from the mines. We carefully select each piece and extract the choicest portions to become our therapeutic spheres. Then we precisely shape and polish each sphere, including drill holes, to ensure a smooth flow of the gem’s energy.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our trained Therapeutic Gemstone Advisors are available by phone from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Visit our website for a full description of Gemisphere Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces, pricing, and to place an online order.





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