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Sherion Stevens



Fairview, TX 75069
United States
T: 214.514.6967




Golden Butterfly Company


Unique line private label skin care products and herbal remedies, specializing in serious skin care for dry skin and anti-aging.

Profile and Credentials        

My name is Sherion Stevens and I live in Dallas, Texas. My great-grandmother was Cherokee Indian, and several years ago a Cherokee Fire Chief gave me the name "Golden Butterfly" - hence the name of my private label skin care company. I gave my company my name because I am dedicated to providing private label skin care products that help the skin have new life, a new beginning as the butterfly represents. Over the past decade, I have searched for herbal remedies and organic all natural skin care products to use on my face, ones that were effective, and never tested on animals. My mission took me far and wide, even to the extent of purchasing very expensive moisture crèmes that were beyond my budget - all in search of something that would work. Good fortune blessed me this past summer when I came across a line of beautiful, handcrafted private label skin care products. These products are made with 100%-all natural ingredients, in an environmentally friendly way, and be sure they are never tested on animals. I am finding them to be highly effective in fighting the signs of aging on my face. Family and friends who have used these herbal remedies for serious skin care have had similar results. It is my great pleasure and honor to offer these wonderful private label skin care products to you in the sincerest hope that you will find them to be a real treasure, and that they will renew your youthful complexion.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our serious skin care products are friendly to the environment, cruelty free, and are formulated especially for people with dry, sensitive skin. 100% Natural, Organic Herbal Remedies - Check out our Skin Care Ingredients! Each private label skin care formula is crafted with careful consideration of the medicinal properties each possess. No Animal Testing - Environmentally Safe! Our skin care products are 100% Guaranteed; if you can't use them, we will refund your money. We Care about you and your natural skin care!

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What customers are saying about our Herbal Remedies for Serious Skin Care ... "I saw a difference in my face in a week - the wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead are much better." ~Shelley" Friends tell me that I look five years younger!." ~Norbert "It does work - the lines on my forehead are fading. . ." ~WSM "I love the way it reduces brown spots on my face!" ~Lynn "This is a luxurious product. It does good things for my face." ~SR




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