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alicia silva



5317 Ballard Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98107
United States
T: 206 545 44 05


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greener lifestyles


natural furnishings for well-being
sustainable , non-toxic, fair-trade, natural, contemporary, fun and especially designed for healthy living. Furnishings for eating, sleeping, bathing, living and working to enjoy life. We also offer vital space consultations for healthy dwellings, as well as seminars and talks to greener your lifestyles.

Profile and Credentials        

Greener Lifestyles, formerly amada Luna, was launched in 2004 as an effort to bring
home furnishings that create healthier environments .
After more than 10 years in business, we noticed that the irrational use of
plastics, woods and fosyl derivates was contribuiting to toxicity indoors minimizing quality of life in the spaces and also to global warming. We realize the little effort to develope sustainable products that contribute to healthy living.
We work with small cooperatives and small bussiness locally and around the world practicing fair trade which also means healthier environments
We offer products with natural non toxic materials that are also contemporary and fun where style meet well-being , creating spaces for greener lifestyles

Philosophy and Comments        

Our products
Promote healthy living spaces
Respect the earth balance

We support
Local artists
Fair trade businesses
We work with many local artists to create custom pieces, as well as with small factories and cooperatives around the world that practice fair trade.
We are constantly discovering products that are in harmony with nature
And that are proudly hand made by artist that honor natural materials and the quality of the work
Some of our home furnishings include: salvage and/or FSC certified wood furniture with natural finishes, upholstered furniture filled with natural latex and cotton, hemp, lamps, pottery, wicker and bamboo chairs and tables and many other interesting discoveries…
We offer space design consultations that follow the combined principles of Feng Shui and Environmental Living Sciences, where the focus is expanded from Form and Function to include Health and Well Being with the intention of creating supportive environments for a healthier life respecting nature’s harmony by all means.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We are open every day from 11am to 6pm and Thursday, Friday and Saturday also from 7pm to 9 pm
this picture is our participation in the Seattle interior show 2003

Our green space consultant        

Alicia Silva former member is an architect who has researched 10 years on how to create spaces for human development. She has studied several disiplines all connected to healthy living, from green architecture and sustainable living to different Feng Shui schools. She is a certified Qi- Mag Feng Shui Consultant as well as a Vital Office consultant. She is one on the few persons in the US able to do Vital Energy consultations for offices and corporate buildings. Her feng shui consultations include companies such as Tommy Bahama's new corporate office in Seattle WA. She also works with several residential projects in Washington promoting healthier living with a holistic approach to space design.

art walks        

we participate in the ballard Art Walk every second saturday of the month. We feature local artist with awesome tallent.
visit our website to check who is featured each month.


we offer bamboo floorings low VOC as a sustainable option for hard wood floors

Wood furniture        

We are one of the few store that features local woodworkers.
Using salvage wood from Seattle area and FSC(forest stewardship certified wood) our furniture pieces are susteinable help you change for a greener lifestyle

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