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Amy Todisco



120 Maple Drive
Huntington, VT 05462
United States
T: 802-434-3813
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Amy Todisco


Do You Ever Wonder If The Products Labeled As "Natural" and "Organic" Really Are? Wish you had a green living expert who's done all of the research and tested out the products for you? Now you do. I'm Amy Todisco , Your Green Living Expert. I've read all the labels, researched all of the ingredients and the companies that make these products, used the products and compared the brands, so you don't have to. I use everything I sell on both my family and myself, and I only sell those products that pass my test. Not just anything labeled as "natural", "organic" and "nontoxic". Label claims can be misleading and inadequate. For example, cleaning products aren't required to disclose all of their ingredients on the label. And, there are no standard definitions or independent organizations verifying label claims, such as "nontoxic", and "environmentally friendly".The good news is I've done the research for you. Children, teenagers, pregnant women, those with illness, especially asthma, allergy, cancer and other auto immune diseases, are more vulnerable to the ill effects of toxic chemicals. And yet, all of us are affected, so doesn't it make sense to switch to safer products now? Check out my new column: How To Choose Safer Products What's different about Greenlivingnow.com? My 12 year passion for finding the safest products means that everything you buy here is the real thing. Helping you become a more informed, greener shopper is my goal. If you don't see a product category on the site yet that you need (such as natural paint, dog food, or sunscreen), email: amy@greenlivingnow.com and I'll tell you what I use. New! Free shipping on orders over $60 (except water filtration products which are shipped separately). Some of the products I offer aren't available on other stores, and I'm constantly testing out new products and adding them to my site. Being "green" is so EASY at Green Living Now. My products are conveniently grouped together so you will have everything you need to get started. Check out the kitchen cleaning kit, bathroom cleaning kit, and natural body care kits. Plus, you get 5% off for the kits. Green Living Now donates 10% of our profits to worthy causes that you help choose. No other natural store does this, as far as I know. Be sure to check out my FREE newsletter, columns and resources. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Profile and Credentials        

Amy is featured as an "Environmental Expert" on the Ecomall website ("Ask Amy"), and on former National Public Radio host, Laurie Howell's The Green Scene Internet radio program. She's created community educational events, founded and co founded several nonprofits; served as Executive Director for two nonprofits; provided presentations on household toxics; consulted with private and public schools; churches, community groups, local boards of health, and the MA State Department of Public Health; written on the topic of household toxics for newspapers, newsletters and websites; and been interviewed on radio and cable TV. She's a member of the Coming Clean Network of environmental health focused nonprofits, and a mentor for the Green Flags Healthy Schools Network for Center for Health Environment and Justice.

Philosophy and Comments        

Amy's been shopping in natural food stores since she was a teen. She's even worked in two such stores. Twelve years ago, when she was pregnant with her daughter, one little paperback book changed her life. It was called, The Nontoxic Baby. Amy was shocked to learn the everyday household products she'd been using for years, such as shampoo and dish soap, contained toxic chemicals. Like most mothers-to-be, Amy wanted to protect her innocent baby from all preventable risks. That's when her quest to find truly safer household products began. Out with the old, and in with the new. First, Amy changed everything she and her husband, Paul, used in their home, and then she went to work on her local community and beyond. When Amy learns something that will help others, she can't help but share that information. And, that's why she created Green Living Now. You can use what Amy and her family use, and get the valuable information that you need from her free newsletter.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Open on the web 24/7 for your convenience. All of our prices are listed on the our site, www.greenlivingnow.com

The Wild Divine-Interactive Video Game for Mind/Body/Spirit        

Amy's Opinion: :
Reduce stress and improve your state of mind-with an interactive video game? Yes, I'm serious…

The Wild Divine is like no other video game I've seen or heard about. Through three finger (biofeedback) sensors you can actually control things on the computer screen. You put yourself into a meditative state to accomplish the tasks, with the help of a spiritual guide.

Here's what PC Magazine had to say about The Wild
Divine, "The goal of Journey to Wild Divine is to teach you how to control your body's alertness and relaxation levels. Biofeedback hardware that measures your heart rate and skin conductivity (both stress indicators) is included in the box along with the software. As you wander through an idyllic landscape, guides introduce you to
meditative exercises. You then attempt to master
onscreen activities such as juggling and archery by consciously becoming calmer or more alert. Wild Divine is innovative and fun, and even better, it's very effective."

I even asked my 20-year-old stepson to try it out. He's a video game aficionado from way back, he's played everything. Much to my delight he was incredibly impressed and intrigued. I was amazed to see how he was able to control his breathing and heart rate to make things happen in the game (and I've never even taken him to a yoga or meditation class). This game is cutting edge, and
good for your health. The moment I hear the music begin, and see the graphics, I'm immediately transported to another place. You've got to experience this for yourself, you won't regret it!

Try the demo: http://greenlivingnow.com/products/gifts/game_wilddivine.htm

Excellent Water Filter-under counter, $199        

Amy's Opinion: Before we moved into our own home with very clean deep well water, we were devout Lakota Scientific water filter users. Years ago I compared all of the available filters and found that Lakota's filter took out the greatest number of contaminants for the largest volume of water. Also, the owners of the company are extremely knowledgeable dedicated people with terrific customer service. And, I love that they really "walk their talk"-their home is "off-the-grid" meaning that they are not hooked up to electric or gas/oil service. It's wonderful to support a small family owned company with factory direct prices and a terrific lifetime guarantee on their products.Description: Under Counter Water Filtration System includes everything you need. Easy to install. No plumbers or cutting pipes. Counter Top and Triple Housing units available.The standard Lakota Scientific water filter system removes with very high efficiency from thousands of gallons of water: Lead plus other toxic dissolved metals, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), pesticides and herbicides, chlorine and THM's, hydrogen sulfide, nitrate, bad taste and odors, cryptosporidium and giardia. Options are also available for specialized problems.

Certified Organic Handmade Skin Care Kit        

Amy's Opinion:

After years of testing out skin care products looking for the extraordinary, I've finally found them! My skin has never looked better, and so will yours. I've tried a number of products with pure ingredients, but none compare to these. Within only 7 days my skin looked clearer and it
glowed-it felt healthier. And my skin started out in good shape. With the other skin care products I tried, I couldn't really see any changes in my skin.

So, what's different? It's a few things... the ingredients are superior- organic and biodynamic, fresh, creamy, sweet smelling, nutrient rich and concentrated. The woman who developed these products, Julia, considers herself to be a botanical intuitive. What this means to me is that she has a special gift for creating effective blends of ingredients.

Also, massaging the cleanser into dry skin is unique. Having worked as a massage therapist myself for over 14 years, I'm convinced of the benefits of massage for rejuvenating the skin.

These products smell fantastic with pure aromatherapeutic essential oils (purchased from a global community of organic and biodynamic farmers and wildcrafters), and they're handmade in small batches.

Check the ingredients: http://greenlivingnow.com/products/personalcare/skincare_moist.htm

Certified Organic Shitake Mushroom Growing Kit        

Amy's Opinion:

Are you looking for a product that will make you
utter the words, "cool" and "amazing"? Then an
organic mushroom growing kit is for you! These
kits are part science project, part organic gardening. And, you get to eat the mushrooms when they're ready to harvest.

My stepfather, Ron, is a chef, and I sent him the Shiitake growing kit for his birthday a year or two ago. He said that the mushrooms were superb, and I really trust his culinary opinion. I greew the pearl oyster mushrooms, got two harvestings,
and they were delectable-sauteed in organic butter, garlic and white wine. Yum!

If you are the kind of person that likes to plant things and then check on them each day to see how much they've grown-you'll love these. Or, if you just like the taste and nutritional benefits of mushrooms, then you'll want them fresh from your own kit. Makes an excellent gift, and they're really easy to grow. The only thing I had to do was place the bag in a low light spot and cut a few slices into the plastic bag where the mushrooms were underneath trying to get out. My bag arrived moist, so I really didn't have to spritz it with water. And, mushrooms started growing after only about 5 days.

To order, go to: the Shitake Mushroom Kit page

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