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Susan Custer



66 Summer Street
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944
United States
T: 978-526-4400


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Susan Custer


I am a master astrologer and healer and I am bringing evolutionary and activation astrology to the planet. I read the natal chart from a spiritual, and evolutionary standpoint. I use the natal chart, zodiac signs and planets to help you find your path in life, help you make it easier, and uncover your blocks and challenges. Natal readings, and yearly updates are important to help you stay focused, attract opportunities and turn those challenges into successes. Astrology therapy is available for singles or you can use astrology for couples. My products the Mystical Sprays and Sacred Blends help you bring prosperity and abundance into your life. Phone consultations are available. For more information and current astrological events go to www.suecuster.com

Profile and Credentials        

Master Astrologer with over 33 years experience reading charts and teaching. Licensed Certified Massage Therapist, Member ABMP, Certified Herbalist, Aromatherapist Flower Essence Practitioner and Certified Jin Shin Jyutus Practitioner. Over 20 years experience in the healing field.

Philosophy and Comments        

It is time that we bring light to the planet and honor our contracts to activate. Astrology shows the way and makes it clear for you to see where you are going, how to go with flow and grace, and do this in the easiest way possible. I invite you to come to me for a reading to learn more about yourself.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Energy $85.00-$125.00 Astrolgy Readings, Natal $150.00, Updates $95.00 Phone consultations available, Visa and Mastercard accepted. For information on products see www.suecuster.com





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